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Nine Badly Beauty Habits and you should Break Them

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It’s that time of the day: I’ve had enough coffee and I’ve ALREADY seen at least five girls today who have totally gone overboard with their makeup.

Which brings me neatly to today’s topic: Bad Beauty Habits and How To Break Them!

Because let’s be honest… we all make mistakes. Daily!

I’ve always wanted to blog about this, because we all have certain habits concerning our skincare routine that may actually be causing some damage in the long-term.

That’s why I’m selling myself as a sort of emergency beauty doc today, and am compiling nine of the most common bad beauty habits, and some ideas on how to break them. All in the name of clearer, healthier and prettier skin!

Let’s launch straight into the «worst» beauty sins, shall we?

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

I AM SPEECHLESS! But I have a number of friends who wear makeup, but hardly ever make an effort to remove it at night!

Seriously, girl… you not only ruin your pillowcase by doing this, but you’re also preventing your skin from breathing freely! Plus, your lashes are way more prone to breakage, because they’re stiffer than in their natural state and rubbin mascara-ed lashes can actually cause them to break. So please, please, please believe me: IF YOU USE MAKEUP, REMOVE IT AT THE END OF THE DAY!

Sorry for yelling. Here are two of my favorite products to remove eye makeup… one’s pretty affordable:

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…and one super-useful (but very effective!):


This brings us to the next bad beauty habit:

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Okay, am I the only one who really likes the feeling of clean skin? I know that face wipes can be really handy: one swipe and you’ve gotten everything off, right?

Erm, NO.

While you can remove your makeup with wipes, you should really cleanse your skin afterwords. Otherwise all the not-so-great stuff, like alcohol and preservatives, just sits on your skin for aaaaaages.


It’s okay for travelling, but at home it’s really not that big of a deal to properly clean your face, is it?

True story: A friend of mine suddenly noticed that her skin was going haywire, with redness and a nasty stinging sensation. At the end it was neither her moisturizer nor the makeup, but the face wipes which caused the problem. Enough said!

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Yes, I too love peels and cleansing masks. And it’s of course super-beneficial to the skin to exfoliate regularly and gently. And that’s the keyword: «gentle»! Mechanical peels, either with a scrub or with a cleansing brush, can feel really good and give your skin an instant glow.

But you should pay attention to what you’re putting on your skin after exfoliating.

Using a product that exfoliates chemically, with ingredients like AHA- or BHA-acids, directly after a mechanical peel might just be too much for the skin.

Over-exfoliated skin is stressed skin, because it doesn’t have enough time to regenerate and rebuild its natural barrier. This can result in red, shiny skin or even weird blackheads.

So: Yes to frequent peels, but don’t overdo it. A good way to incorporate a gentle exfoliation is to cleanse your face with a clean washcloth.

I’ve been preaching it for years: Daily sunscreen is a must if you want to prevent your skin from aging prematurely!

And yes, I’m 44, so I get to say things like that! Many of us think that it’s enough to rely on the SPF that’s in our BB cream or liquid foundation. The problem with that is that we never use enough of the product to build up the SPF to its full extent.

The solution?

Apply a proper sunblock after you’ve moisturised!


Are you one of those people who complain that their makeup doesn’t last through the day? Then you should really consider using a primer!

I haven’t applied eyeshadow without using a primer first for years, but it took me a while to start using one for my face, too. But the results are pretty instantaneous:

If I use a primer, I don’t have to powder or blot my face as much during the day, my foundation applies much easier (and I use less), and my pores seem tighter.

A lot of primers contain silicone, which makes the product glide on more easily. If you don’t like the slippery feeling, or if your skin reacts to silicones, there’s a lot of great products without silicone, such as Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Monika Bluner Primer (see below) or REN Skincare’s Perfect Canvas.


I know, I KNOW. I’m also a passionate belly sleeper! But it’s a fact that wrinkles appear faster if you sleep on your stomach, especially if you (like most people) don’t have a silk pillow case!

Those who sleep on their backs, look much more relaxed in the morning.

The good news? You can train your body to sleep on your back! It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Lying on your back, try to breathe deeply so that you almost start to meditate. That way, your brain starts to associate lying on your back with relaxation.

Or you do what I do: Use tightening and plumping skincare in the mornings, to counteract the «damage» that happend during the night.

While you were sleeping, so to speak!

Have you already noticed that little image of a open jar on the label of most of your beauty products? This is an indicator on how long you can use a product after opening… but I have to admit, that I may also be guilty of not cleaning out my beauty drawer often enough.

Generally speaking: the more liquid a product contains, the faster you should use it up. Especially creams in jars, which you take out using your finger, can build up an impressive number of bacteria after a few months, even if they contain preservatives to counteract this. And beauty products (but skincare with active ingredients in particular!) really shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Because I love you (and because I’m so talented), I made a cheat sheet on how long you can keep beauty products!

Chic, isn’t it? And so Pinterest-y…

And about powdered make-up products: I’m still using blushes and eyeshadows that I’ve had for several years! But as a last tip: If a products changes consistency or starts to smell weird, throw it away. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to lecture you on how you should never pop a pimple. Because let’s be honest, who really wants to be seen with a visible whitehead? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO.

So if you have to pop a pimple, please make sure your face is make up free and clean. Then you press a warm washcloth onto the area, to soften the pores up a bit. Even better? Take a steamy bath and wash your face a few times during it.

Then, you can GENTLY try to pop it, using your two index fingers, wrapped in a Kleenex. But remember: Don’t overdo it! If you press to hard or too long, you can really damage your skin. If the pimple won’t «give» after one or two tries, KNOCK IT OFF and back away.

And if you manage to pop it, be sure to use salicylic acid afterwards to help avoid spreading the inflammation.


This is the snowflake that turns into an avalanche. Or the grain of sand that turns into a dune… Wait.. well, you know what I mean.

Your first instinct when you spot a grey hair ist to pluck it, right. The problem with that? Each plucked out hair grows back, but not necessarily in the same direction as before. This may ruin your hairdo, no joke!

Who wants a head full of weird, sticky-out-y antennae halo hair?

But even more dramatic is, that if you pluck a hair out one time too many, the follicle, at some point, will be traumatized enough to simply stop growing hair, which means: Thinner hair for you, and maybe even visible thinning spots on your scalp.

My suggestion would be to dye your hair or maybe have some highlights done, which make grey hair appear softer. On another note, I’m looking forward to my white hair! White hair is significantly thicker than my fine hair! INSTANT OLD LADY VOLUME!

And that’s it for today’s beauty sermon.

I hope you didn’t feel caught-out too often… but if you did, you know what to do!

Have a great day and be good!

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