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Nice Eyebrows can improve the Proportion of facial Features

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A nice eyebrows, can improve the proportion of facial features, make the face more perfect. Whether you wear make-up, eyebrow is an important and indispensable link.
A nice eyeblows, besides the shape and texture of eyebrow itself, more important is suitable.
How to find suitable for their own eyebrow?

HOW TO: Fill in your eyebrows with a stencil
How many people are aware of the eyebrows, here not much to do analysis.

But everyone looks different, eyebrow to It differs from man to man. For example, the empress of the eyebrow, if wholly intact placed in different face, the effect may not be good.

Oval face
But for most of the oval eyebrow, frown, moderate amplitude eyebrow will make more delicate facial features.

Long face
Long face is serious, not suitable too pick eyebrow. “Gentle synophrys can improve the ratio of long, short face.

I round face
Not suitable for a round face thick flat eyebrow, suitable for smooth lines, moderate amplitude, angle slightly rise eyebrow, can highlight the delicate features, narrow face.

Time square face
For the eyes clear, slightly angle of eyebrow, can improve facial short faults, elongated faces.

V shaped face
V shaped face more pointed chin, give people a sense of instability, a suitable angle flat, slightly curved eyebrow, can make the face look more balanced.
A good and suitable for their own eyebrow, many factors need to study and reference, to know the failure of 80%. And relationships are not good eyebrow design.

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