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Natural invisible eyeliner is good

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

The famous tattoo that is natural eyeliner is mainly to see the effect of good contact. In fact, the success of a tattoo, enlarge eye crack change the eye effect. It can make lashes look thick, add charm gorgeous beauty. But the natural invisible liner exercise requires careful and accurate action, light, so to choose a good mechanism to do beauty.
The design should be usually Eyeliner position near the eyelashes grow in natural eyelid Eyeliner contact. General should be tattooed on eyelashes and eye slightly lateral lines; under the eye liner should be inside the eyelash root, so that it can seem natural and graceful. The tattoo should adopt black dye, because the upper eyelid eyelashes thick long, so the lines should be on the liner pattern too wide thick, deep color; lower eyelid lashes short and sparse, should be lines of fine light, to harmony, affordable shades. On the inside of the liner should be lines of fine light, and outside lines get thicker deep. In general, the width of the upper and lower eyeliner, thickness control is more appropriate in 7:3.
Natural invisible Eyeliner OK? If the natural invisible liner can achieve a significant effect, in the middle of the two row of eyelashes, blooming out a thin liner, beautiful black eyes of God, is not easy to halo, in good out of a bandbox, discoloration, discoloration. From this perspective, the nature is quite invisible eyeliner.
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