NanoBlades 304 Stainless Steel

Lovbeauty Microblading Blade 0.15 Nano Needles For Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent Makeup Training

LovBeauty 0.15MM Nano-shaped Blade
The 0.15mm diameter nanoblades manufactured by LovBeauty are the real nano blade and thinnest microblading blade in the world.The average needle in the market is 0.20-0.35mm,but we use 0.15mm which is the finest of blade technology. It is extremely fine,sharp ,precision and minimum damage to the skin.A line will appear with just a gentle stroke.These blades are created by 48 hours of manual sanding processes and strict quality control after welded.Sterilized under strict medical standard EO gas disinfection , full records of sanitation are maintained.

* ✅MEDICAL GRADE – Needles are made of medical grade stainless steel Blade.
* ✅THINNEST BLADE ON THE MARKET – .15mm in Diameter allows you to create thin and crisp strokes
* ✅STERILIZED – Sterilization certified by EO gas, complying with Government Sterilization Guidelines.
* ✅SINGLE USE ONLY – Disposable needles are for one time use only
* ✅HIGH QUALITY – High quality blades that are very sharp and will create the most natural looking hair stroke

Medical 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
50pcs/box, single packing with Exp Date and Lot.No..
Sterilization method
EO gas
CE mark
private logo box MOQ
2000 pcs
Personal label MOQ
10000pcs, can mix type

* The needles could be used with paste pigment of different colors.
* Suitable for professional beauty salon, Beauty &Health school / college practice and permanent makeup eyebrow beginners.
* Excellent for eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, scar camouflaging reconstruction and tattooing.
* Easy to color,High efficiency,Won’t fade.
* Note:Eyebrow tattoo pen did not included.


* 1. Unscrew the pen tip
* 2. Pull out the needle solt from the tip
* 3. Insert the needle into needle solt from the side
* 4. Adjust the length of the needle depends on your needs
* 5. Put it back into tip after inserting the needle
* 6. Screw on the pen tip