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My project “eye three” the tattoo

My project eye three the tattoo

When it comes to the eye of the modification, many people first reaction is “double eyelid surgery”. Indeed, double eyelid surgery can directly change the eyes, but not all people, such as those born doubleeyelid people, they want to make the eyes become more beautiful, how to do? This requires the help of the eye tattoo.
My project eye three the tattoo
Eye tattoo mainly refers to the “tattoo”, the tattoo originates from tattoo technology, but also use the embroidering needle and other equipment, apply special pigment, along the eyelash root piercing the skin to reach the decoration effect. The tattoo project is relatively simple, no technical art demands too much, but more of a tattoo artist test observation and analysis skills and across the department. Eyelashes skin around the thin and sensitive pigment, has joined in this part of the skin caused by great stimulation, if normal hand tattoo intensity control is not good, will cause the customer discomfort.

The tattoo’s aim is to make the eyes more of God, learn more knowledge about the tattoo, not only can help determine whether they can also help the tattoo, as customers we can better understand and meet their own tattoo designer eyeliner:
First of all, the classification of the tattoo is actually very simple, divided into grain and grain under the eyeliner eyeliner. Eye width is different, the liner width is 0.8-1 mm, 0.4-0.6 mm wide liner. Due to the characteristics of Asians, the general color with black eyeliner.
Secondly, in the modification, age or frequently makeup, eyeliner can form thick and deep, crispening and vigorous, lively; older or usually do not make-up, it should be lines of fine light, in order to reflect the natural beauty of the eyes, add the mature and stable sense;
Third, the liner is more obvious in the expansion of the role of the eye, let eye liner is low and full of sweet feeling; small eyes best parafossarulus eyeliner, if the upper and lower eyelids eyes appear smaller full grain; round eye liner, should be added to the slender grain length curve and make the eyes appear wider; narrow eyes should be some deep thick eyeliner patterns have to, in order to add curve radian, weaknesses, shortcomings conceal.
Fourth, the tattoo will also have a chance, because the tattoo division operating errors or key technologies, leading to problems. For example, because of poor quality, improper proportion of color or decoration too deep and other issues, resulting in discoloration, bleaching, bleeding, injection or stimulation of ornamentation are likely to cause eyelid swelling, eye injury. So, before doing eye liner, be sure to ask the doctor or teacher, understand the tattoo qualifications and experience.

In addition to these basic concepts mentioned above, before we do eye tattoo in preparation, must make relevant consultation, such as tattoo notes. Beauty is a sloppy event, I hope everyone can increase the understanding of eye tattoo through this passage

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