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My face is big: divination eyebrow

Look at the brow is fate between parents and brothers, known as the “house”, so is the brother as the main body. The eyebrow can see a person’s character and emotional tendency.
Short eyebrow
The lack of brothers to help take care of. Do not rely on coordination, and stubborn personality, passionate, and prone to feelings of people, people become the object of love, but the good is not good, should be careful to choose.
Long eyebrow
Have a brother edge, with family harmony, love happy, have good luck. Work coordination, can communicate and cooperate with others in the organization, to succeed.
Splay eyebrow
The surface is not easy to close, the essence of moral good, courteous and accessible, with lavish, so hard to make money to life. The broad splay eyebrow, a heroic spirit, is good to the object.
Upright and rational, doing things not smooth, easily offend others. Strong, powerful, can be successful. The feelings of respect, that is an important marriage, a marriage tendency.
Tick brow eyebrow
In the corner of the eyebrow was carved, very warm, strong vitality, energetic, decided to do will implement. Fortune is good, business is also good, love is very positive.
The new moon eyebrow (Liu Mei)
This is the most eyebrow among the women was ideal: rational, emotional, easy to love, there is wealth. After getting married, can get rich together with her husband, happy life.

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