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Modification of different standards of eyebrow tattoo masters, you know?

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A, eyebrow:
My teacher looks eyebrows when the eyebrows is composed of three parts, frown, frown brow. At length, spacing between the two eyebrows for eye type began in the inner corner of vertical position. The 3:2 is located in the eyebrow eyebrows. When the eyes came in black eye outside. Located in the outer corner of the eye from the nose to the tip of the measuring line corresponding to the site, and the level of basic brow brow level, or slightly higher than the tip of brow.
Two, the growth direction of the eyebrows:
The growth law of natural eyebrow hair, eyebrows above the oblique. There was a wide umbrella, eyebrows, the minimum density, shallow depth, eyebrow part above the oblique or flat length, maximum density. The middle deep color, slightly deeper than the lower edge of the upper edge.
Three, eyebrow:
The growth of eyebrows muscles attached to the brow, the expression change often make eyebrows down affects people’s emotion and emotional expression. Therefore, the eyebrow different performance of different mental state.
The design of a different type of eyebrow

Centripetal eyebrow
Two brow spacing is too close, the distance is less than the length of an eye, brows too close people seem nervous, unpleasant and features a compact does not stretch. Design method; remove the brows too close eyebrow, frown brow stretched out some back.
Centrifugal eyebrow
Two eyebrows spacing is too far, spacing is larger than one eye brows too far distance, make people look kindly but dull, facial features scattered. Design method: in the brow front along the growth direction of the eyebrows all painted, painted Xu Xu’s brow, will pull into two eyebrow, frown slightly forward, but should not be stretched.
Hanging eyebrow
Low brow, brow rose. Hanging eyebrow make people look festive smart, but after hanging eyebrow makes the lack of soft feeling, and face the effect of significantly longer. Design method: remove eyebrow eyebrows and below the brow brow above the eyebrows when. Painted, below on the tip of brow brow above and make up.
Vertical eyebrow
High brow, low brow, brow ptosis people seem friendly and kind, but also has the feeling of melancholy sadness, the age feeling rises. Design method: remove the eyebrows below the brow above the eyebrows and brow eyebrow, make up make focuses on the above and below the brow brow.
Messy wide eyebrows
The growth of a piece of eyebrows not the law, that is not clean, too casual. Design and methods: according to the distance between eyebrows and eyes face, draw out the basic eyebrow, excess eyebrows eyebrow color removal, aggravating axis.
Small pale brows
Fine shallow eyebrow make people look handsome, but the rules seem stingy. Too shallow is the lack of anger, especially the face seem incongruous. Methods: according to the design of face adjust radian, emphasize “. According to the natural growth direction of a painted eyebrows, eyebrow eyebrows will widen, tone light, eyebrow color thick, pale brow.
Two. Eyebrow design different faces:
1 round face: Design on the eyebrow, brow down, eyes should be slightly upward, slightly hanging shape slightly coarse, suitable length, in order to make facial features significantly longer, stretch effect, and can be designed to avoid long horizontal eyebrow, make the face look more wide circle of ills.
2 square face: We should design a generous, near the arc of the eyebrow can ease the facial water chestnut, eyes slightly forward, don’t design the brow stretched, short thin flat eyebrow.
3 square face: The general level of eyebrow shape design can rise to shorten the length of the face segmentation, visual effect. “After the shift, elongated brow. But on the eyebrows hanging eyebrow face length have stressed the role should be avoided.
4 triangular face: The general design of circular arc pick eyebrow, eyebrow peak position close to the outer corner of the eyes, we can make the face appear longer above spread, this kind of face Zuiji with triangular eyebrow, or exaggerate the width of the lower face.
5 diamond: This face should not be too long, otherwise it will make the oblique, cheek is more prominent, should be designed.
Standard eyebrow
Watery peach blossom eye is eye shape the most beautiful.
Eye eye tail long, slightly curved, often like watery, bleary eyed, the flash is very charming.
Chinese ancient literati description of the beauty of the eye, false writing more than real writing, or pay attention to eye the charm of the “Gu Qingren City, again Gu Qingren country” (the “Han Xiao Wu Li Margaret” (Cao Zhi), “the fond gazing of a beauty” Luo Shenfu “)”, “eye flow and shear wave (see” Fu Yi “dancing Fu”). “A dream of Red Mansions” description of the beauty of the eyes have “a pair of non hi hi feelings like eyes” (Lin Daiyu), “eye like apricot” (Xue Baochai), “a pair of eyes (Fengjie Danfeng triangle”). Obviously, the traditional Chinese standard with almond eyes, phoenix eye, clever charm eye for beauty, beauty of the eyes, looks like autumn, Lingling, God lovingly pathetic.
The eyes of the definition: the eyes are the visual organ, which is composed of eyebrow, nose, eyelids, eyelid eyeliner, eyeliner, eyelash and form. The eye is the core of aesthetic appearance, eye fissure length and width of the opening, and the upper eyelid shape can decide the first impression of the aesthetic.
The position of the eyes: the upper eyes on the face, eyes form the upper part of the appearance of beauty and ugliness. Many experts think that beautiful eyes form is: eye crack length should be 28 ~ 34 mm, width of 10 ~ 20.5 mm. The upper eyelid is the highest point in the 1/3 junction, the lower eyelid the lowest point for Chinese and foreign 1/3. Open your eyes, the inner canthus is higher than the external canthus, upper eyelid soft tissue was thin and delicate, eyelid all visible, upper eyelid eyelashes slightly longer and slightly upward evenly spread, little short and slightly lower eyelid lashes evenly spread downward. Eyebrows edge distance of 22 mm was first. The distance between the eyes of inner canthus is 3.5 centimeters. The cornea exposed rate was 75%. This eye form give a complete beauty.
Types of eyes:
Almond eyes regarded as the perfect outline of almond eyes, its contour lines have a sense of rhythm, the outer corner of the eye upward, downward toward the inner corner of eyes, two section obviously opposite.
The phoenix eye: China traditional thought to be the most charming, the most beautiful shape. Eye shape slender, eye fissure inclined upwards and outwards, the outer corner of the pick, is more than a single or double eyelid.
In the eyes of the eye is too deep: from the eyelid deep, especially the eyebrow. Make people feel distinct edges too.
Thick convex eye: thick convex eye refers to the eyelid hypertrophy, skeletal structure is not prominent, the appearance of a flat bloated feeling.
Under the eye: eye under the eye canthus outside canthus, high low. Let people feel miserable.
Anopia: anopia is low, the outer corner of the high corner to inside. The eye feels relatively stingy.
Small eye: as the name implies, refers to the small round eyes round eyes, the eye does not see more.
Eyes: eye modification modification is accomplished mainly through the eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. The shape of eyes can only need to use make-up skills to make the eyes more beautiful. The slight defect is corrected by eye makeup. Picturesque anopia, low eye corner pen, or even from the outer corner of the eye liner under the end of inward eyelid painted, the inner corner of the lash line can be properly thickened, the outer corner of the lower lash line to boldly painted, may be appropriate to widen the shadow areas, with eye shadow halo on the flat line oblique eye corrected.

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