Microblading Blades By EO Gas With Report

eyebrow tattoo needle|3d eyebrow needle
Detailed Product Description:
ITEM NAME: U Shape Microblades SIZES: U14/16/18/19/21
COLOR: White/yellow MATERIAL: Medical Stainless Steel
STERILIZATION: By EO Gas With Report USAGE: For Short Lines

U14/16/18/19/21 pins Shape Curved PMU Blades For Eyebrows Tattoo Microblading


With mixed 20000pcs for personal label



Eyebrows Tattoo U - Shaped Microblading Needles U14/16/18/19/21 Pins

U14 Flexi blade          U shape 14pin,0.22mm
U16 Flexi blade          U shape 16pin,0.22mm
U18 Flexi blade     U shape, 18pins,0.18mm
U19 Flexi blade U shape 18pin,0.22mm
U21 Flexi blade U shape  21pin,0.18mm