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Look at the future husband looks from your eyebrows

eyebrow tattoo

Thick eyebrows and very wide, over the eyes, her husband is a round face, eyelid, and the body will be very fat. Hey, a lot of education to husband exercise and keep fit.
Heavy eyebrows, eyebrow tail light, her husband is a word face. Congratulations you really get the treasure, this type of husband not only looks rather like the artist temperament, but also get the ancestors of the shelter, it is lucky Superman, they’re smart, savvy, memory and IQ are able to grasp the rise above the common herd, and any opportunity to improve their status.
The middle two sharp eyebrows, the husband is the word face. A kind of husband is the legend of the cool, give people the cold, aloof feeling. The parents of their thin margin, fifteen to thirty years old to start their own business, work independently, thirty to 50 will be better and better. Old age is relatively impoverished. Eyebrow eyes than short, husband face relatively short. This type of husband temperament is stubborn, rebellious heart heavy, bent is typical of Kuromi Ro to rise head and shoulders above others. Congratulations!
Eyebrows than eyes, husband is tall; eyebrow eyes than short, little husband. Eyebrows glossy, mingrun eyebrow, crescent to find a big handsome married. The doors (the eye to the location of hair) collapse dim, facial asymmetry, will find a husband when the ugly.
Shiny eyebrow shaping, would marry a skin white boy.
The two eyebrows are not as high, but his wife husband overbearing, not good.
Small and relatively thin eyebrows, big round eyes, get a tall and relatively thin husband.
Eyes small, slit eyes, eyebrows are very thick, will find a lot of fat than her husband.
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