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Long-lasting natural and not exaggerated modern lip balm

The modern society many beauty of the MM will cause the body’s lips pale, the color dark mute without light, such as anemia, heart and circulatory system problems, and lip can undoubtedly change this embarrassment. On the other hand, the modern lip is fastidious is the final effect is clear, so it is also suitable for congenital lip shape is not ideal, lip peak is not obvious, lip red line is not clear, appear break or defect.

Modern embroidered exquisite delicate, exquisite, lip gloss also requires to avoid too exaggerated, gorgeous color and plasticity, more inclined to like daily make-up as elegant, natural characteristics, but now also has some new color, can let lip to “water run” effect, and can also charm lasting. According to the introduction, to the beautiful lips, shape and color suitable is the best.

Lip requirements to achieve the effect is clear outline, smooth and tidy, so the pattern embroidery division before the tattoo will outline the lip contour, design a lip type. “General be out five mark points, namely Lip Valley (center point), lip peak (both sides of the highest point) and lip slope (two Mark Point), in order to check the height of the lip, whether the interval is equal, upper and lower lip thickness is in line with aesthetic standards. According to the introduction, through the lip shape can change the dissatisfaction, such as the small lips to big, big lips to small, thick lip thinning, thin lip thickening, as long as the lip design in accordance with the original Lip red extension or reduction can be.

In addition to the shape of the lip design, color is another focus. For color selection, the overall principle is thicker lips, not suitable to use too deep or too shallow color, while the lips thinner, can carry on the design of abundant lip, mouth connected, lip peak tip rounded, with bright color increase thickness sense. “Overall, lip-type design and color selection should be distinguished by the shape, age, occupation, personal temperament and age of the beauty seekers.

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