Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14

Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14 (7)

Premium Quality Ink Lips Color Easy Microblading Pigment Microblade Liquid pigments Organic Micropigmentation For Tattoo

LIQUID pigments are easily implanted during treatment, achieving impressive healed results.

Remaining true to colour and fading well over time.

Brilliant and vivid colorful colors produced with high quality pigments.

High pigment density ensures maximum color retention,with less working time and skin trauma.

Liquid pigment colors are water based pigments and designed for permanent make-up machine.

Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14

LovBeauty Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Pigment are formulated with Iron Oxides which are well known to be safe for cosmetic use. Our permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo pigment have the enough and safety quantity of colorants and micro toner in each drop, so they are absorbed into the skin much more effectively and quickly. The result is truer and more natural.

LovBeauty permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo ink are used along with Ethanol which can prevents the pigment drying faster, and keep the mixuture smooth during the working time.

LovBeauty Permanent Makeup eyebrow tattoo pigment can be mixed to match your client’s skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.

Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14

According to different country, different regions of the skin, we offer various kinds of colors.At the same time, we also offer different inks because of the different tattoo technical operation,such as liquid, emulsion and paste. That can be make the tattoo operation easier.

We provide the colors for eyeliner, eyebrow, lip, camouflage, areola and correction. Microblading pigment from LovBeauty has
longtime history since 1990S, the quality have been achieved the top international level.

Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14

* LONG LASTING RESULTS – Lovbeauty Microblading has thousands of trusted clients and our pigment is proven to give long lasting results of up to 18 months if done by a professional with the right technique. 

* MACHINE USE ONLY: Our liquid pigment is recommended for machine use only to achieve desirable results.

* MEDICAL GRADE – Our medical grade pigment is completely safe for you and there are no harmful effects and contain only pure,safe and non-irritant colorants.

* PREMIUM QUALITY – Professional medical grade pigment of excellent quality which gives perfect eyebrow microblading/powder brows color. Pigment color that is stable and your results will not fade to different colors, only lighter versions of the original color.

Tattoo and Permanent makeup application:

– Eyebrow tattooing (Can make very thin )

– Eyeliner tattooing

– Sclap micropigmentation

– Scar Camouflage

-Areola Reconstruction-Vitiligo Camouflage

Competitive Advantage:
a) Accept OEM order with negotiable MOQ

b) Free of toxic and mutagenic substances

c) Free of iron oxides

d) Free of preservatives

e) Free of acrylic

Lovbeauty PMU&Microblading pigments are produced in high high-level and meet ResAP (2008).
The pigments are steady and ideal for working with Microblading and micropigmentation,since there is no reddish after healing.

Liquid PMU Pigment For Semi Permanent makeup R01-R14