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Experienced tell the age of the face should try semi-permanent

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Let “experienced” tell you, look at the age of the face, should try semi-permanent

This is a time to judge people by their appearance.

Even apple officially announced: goodbye fingerprinting!It will be the “face time”.

While good inner beauty is the most important thing, know that your image is betraying your level of life.It’s a time to look at your face, and no one has an obligation to discover your inner excellence through your fat body, through your poor appearance.

Your image is your business card, which reflects your inner qualities, character, habitsDon’t let your image drive you down.As the saying goes, a woman’s beauty reduces her annoyance by 80%.

A good appearance is more pleasing and pleasing to the eye.

To look good, girls often use makeup to show off themselves.

Today we’re going to talk about the embarrassing things about makeup. How much did you win?

A lot of friends when drawing eyebrows, very want to draw a web celebrity kind of one word eyebrow, but often overdo it.

There are also a lot of pregnant friends who do not have good eyebrows, in pregnancy always struggle to make up in the end, even if it is a very formal brand, cosmetics will have a small amount of chemical ingredients, so the pregnancy or do not recommend makeup.

When drawing eyeliner, also easy to accidentally off heavy hand, appear heavy makeup.

Our eyelid is only 3mm so thin, regard human body as the thinnest piece of skin is in the circumstance that balance of water and oil is out of balance, eyelid is very easy become greasy and greasy, cause with again expensive eyeliner pen also can faint makeup.

When it comes to makeup, you’re bound to have this problem.Sometimes oneself draw a beautiful makeup go out, result see other girl su yan is super beautiful, your heart must be ten thousand horses gallop, if oneself without makeup also so beautiful good.

What if you want your without makeup to look so fresh and beautiful?

Actually very simple!!

You can use professional tattoo artists, professional tattoo tools and unique tattoo techniques to modify the face of the eye and lip to help you achieve without makeup beauty!

The benefits of tattoos are endless

First of all, it brings a lot of convenience to people.

The pace of modern life is speeding up, but women who don’t go out without makeup always have to spend a lot of time on it.If you get a tattoo, you can get out with a simple foundation, which can save you more than half your time.There’s no need to worry about heavy brow art, asymmetrical brows, large eyes and lipstick.

The second concern is human health.

There are many cosmetics that contain excessive levels of heavy metals, and our faces have long been unable to breathe under the heavy metals.In the evening a lot of people cannot discharge bottom makeup clean again, and as time passes can appear pore is blocked, close mouth, the serious skin problem such as acne blackhead, still can aggravate the skin ageing of facial mask oh, and semi-permanent tattoo can avoid these problems entirely, give your face a healthy protection.

One tattoo will save you an hour of makeup every day, 30 minutes of makeup refills and 10 minutes of makeup removal.

What’s more, there is no chemical damage to the skin, no embarrassment after the makeup.

With tattoos, no longer worried about swimming after the eyeliner off makeup and into a panda eye, manless warrior, tattoos are so capricious, do not need to spend a lot of effort on easy to have the effect of makeup, a anytime and anywhere favorite nude makeup.

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