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Let a single eyelid tattoo with confidence

What are the common methods of tattoo

Let a single eyelid tattoo with confidence

In fact, a lot of people because of congenital single eyelid surgery, eyelid but too thick will let your eyes look at the show become dejected and despondent imperceptibly, resulting in not very good makeup. In fact, these troubles can be changed by eye liner, especially the single eyelids girls can make eyes through the tattoo in the visual display is more charming.

Because people must pay attention to single fold eyelid cannot be on a darker color, so as not to bring out the feeling of exaggeration. Actually, single eyelids women can use natural and lovely eye shadow tips, the vast majority of the number is to match with yellow brown. The trick is to brown lightly coated the orbital edge, with eye shadow brush to color halo open eyes painted eyebrows down to the color area, using brush to brush the natural color. Eye color eye shadow can aggravate the corner part of the outer corners with a slightly darker tone, and by the end of the eye began painting back and forth several times, so that colors can be absorbed to stay thin. Through the understanding of the following knowledge, you will not have the single eyelids tattoo please this question. The tattoo, single eyelids eyes appear smaller, so the tattoo to draw thick and thick, make the eyes look natural and big. Because some older or eyelid skin begins to wrinkle cycle should have to pay attention to, the liner under single eyelid crowd from the tears to the lower edge of the lateral canthus can be basically the same, with fine light with the tattoo mainly. Also available in Chinese and foreign small part of lower eyelid wrinkles, slightly widened some here. Usually the design tattooed is very exquisite, generally single eyelids tattoo should be tattooed on eyelashes and slightly lateral lines; under the eye liner should be inside the eyelash root, so as to make single eyelids become good. In addition the tattoo is mainly whether has the charm of aesthetic sense and service quality at the tattoo division. Drawn to the end of eye to eye will have a bright feeling to live up. In the first aspect we beautify eyelashes with eyelash curler curved eyelashes, and then mascara on the lashes starting from the brush, remember to stick together, if the customer wants to bring false eyelashes, choose long, finally proposed here is to find some deep experience selling operation is the best teacher.

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