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What kind of women in the workplace are most favored by their superiors

In the competitive workplace, you are brilliant but not necessarily to get the affirmation of the superior, this is not to say that your ability is not enough, but you do not have that characteristic temperament, there is no desire to ask you.
If you are a person with a bright and taut forehead, the beautiful forehead will be your magic weapon, the first one is impressive. If there is such an advantage, then good use, if not perfect also do not have to lose heart, the use of the day after the modification, to resolve your disadvantage, the introduction of Asian jacquard embroidery also let you in the workplace on a duck.

1. A woman with black eyes and sharp eyes
A woman with this face will have a strong feeling, and as a boss he needs an employee who can help him in his career, so he chooses people with strong energy. If the eyes are dim scattered, it will make people feel that you are not assertive, no idea of the person, such a person who boss will want to retain it?

2. A woman with clear lines and full cheeks
The women who have this kind of embroidered face will be better off in the workplace than the average person, because the cheeks are more likely to be trusted and entrusted, especially if the temples are slightly convex. Especially in the end, if a double cheek dry, pale person, burst out his inner uneasiness, let a person feel not your firmness.

3. A woman with a lighted and fuller mouth
A woman with such a embroidered face is a woman who brings a warm feeling and is more likely to be loved by a superior. Some people look general, but embodies the extraordinary temperament. If your appearance is general, that uses the warm makeup color to dissolve the melancholy irritability mood, lifts up the spirit, unfolds your that cold and capable temperament, lets the boss see your spiritual side.

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