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Just finished floating eyebrow would be unnatural?

floating eyebrow

eyebrow To everyone, just finished after the floating eyebrow is not unnatural, just finished eyebrows than you usually painted eyebrows but also many natural, many guests just floating eyebrow after the first feeling is like a long eyebrows a lot of root, looks lifelike and natural, because of the color of milk, can achieve real-time real-time color restoration effect. The effect of floating eyebrow only in the epidermis, so do not bleed not a large swelling, after coating repair will be more natural. Later the scab is only a small part of the translucent skin, has no influence on the life and work will not! Unlike the traditional tattoo method, wound, unable to achieve a quick fix, it will fall off scab, a large, unable to retain lines caused by stiff heavy natural eyebrow line, showing patchy situation. In simple terms, as above two caterpillar stick in your eyes, dark and thick, forming a pair of irregulary eyebrows, causing inconvenience to go out to work, and cause mental injuries.



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