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How to repair the eyelids droop Guangzhou tattoo elite to teach you personally

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according to Asian tattoo net Said upper eyelid is the upper eyelid we called the eyelids, some people always like not wake up is swollen, the whole person looks very not the spirit, this symptom is ptosis. Ptosis of some natural, some are hereditary, Guangzhou elite tattoo Through the introduction, the operation can improve the correction of upper eyelid relaxation, ptosis, people do not look at be sleepy straws. Ptosis of a sophisticated ocular plastic surgery, eyes are the window of the soul, can not tolerate the slightest careless, so the operation must be careful. The upper eyelid ptosis correction, open your eyes, let your eyes and in good out of a bandbox.
Ptosis surgery
Upper eyelid relaxation in degree is divided into mild, moderate and severe three. Mild and moderate upper eyelid relaxation, affect ocular appearance; severe upper eyelid relaxation not only affects the appearance, and the patient can hardly open eyes. Ptosis usually refers to a congenital upper eyelid lifting weakness, which is a little open eyes there after the birth of the disease. The patients with upper eyelid lift difficult, usually little eyes, watching people visible in normal people or things need to head back, face the air. People also play called the patients as "screwed up eyes", "air defense commander" said.
Congenital ptosis with family history, is dominating the levator muscle of the oculomotor nerve problems caused by. The incidence of unilateral or bilateral. Some also with epicanthus blepharophimosis deformity at the same time there. Long time because the upper eyelid cover, reduce vision will cause amblyopia, due to excessive use of compensatory frontal muscle, raised eyebrows at young forehead deep wrinkles. A small number of children and even deformity of cervical vertebra development. Therefore, ptosis in children should be timely surgical treatment.
There are three kinds of common methods of treatment of ptosis:
1, the fascial strip or wire Suspension . The lateral thigh fascia removed during operation in patients with self made 2~3 mm fascia, or a simple 0 silk, in the eyebrow and upper margin of three small incision with the fascia strip or thread, through the small incision on the upper edge of tarsal and frontal muscle sutured together. The suspension of frontal muscle contraction tarsus, the upper eyelid lift to the normal position.
2, frontalis suspension. The upper edge of the tarsus do a double eyelid incision to clear separation of frontal muscle, with the upper edge of tarsal plate suture together, the tarsal with frontal muscle movement, and eyelid surgery.
3, shortening palpabralis. The upper edge of the tarsus eyelid incision or conjunctiva incision, find out the separation of the levator muscle, and shortened it, in order to increase the tension, muscle tension, which can put down the upper eyelid, reach the degree.

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