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How long will it take to see the effect of plant

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The quality of eyebrow facial beauty can not be ignored, but in the face of eyebrow shaping many people always have this or that questions, plant long bear fruit? In fact, plant long bear fruit related to the personal factors, in general, Brow After three months will be able to see the effect of the.
Brow There are two main methods: reconstruction of brow surgery and implant reconstruction brow surgery. These two methods have advantages and disadvantages. Free transfer for reconstruction of eyebrows, low survival rate and scarce, but has the advantages of simple operation, low cost. The characteristics of pedicle graft reconstruction of eyebrow growth is too dense and lost eyebrows, secondary or caused by reconstruction of eyebrow alopecia from male genetic tendency. Plant operation of this method is relatively simple, low cost.
Eyebrow planting and reconstruction of natural eyebrow shape, closer to the normal eyebrows. In addition, Brow Surgical trauma, less pain, faster postoperative recovery, low complication rate, but the plant complex operation, high technical requirements, high cost. General hair survival is inversely proportional to temperature, the room temperature is high, Brow The hair of the The new supersedes the old. more exuberant, hair follicle cells less tolerance to hypoxia, hair follicle cells to death. General plant operation selected in spring and autumn or winter, when the hair metabolism is slow, improve the tolerance to hypoxia, and implantation of hair survival rate is high. Hot summer weather, cell metabolism, easy death, coupled with the hot weather prone to infection, easy to cause operation failure. Online consultation
In life, I believe many people will because of sparse eyebrows or shedding problems and troubles, we know that this impact on the appearance of the people is very good. Then promote the growth of eyebrows with what method? The problem is that we are concerned, in order to help solve the problems here like eyebrows, introduce an effective method to promote the growth of the eyebrows.
First, by using the method of overnight tea, the overnight herbal painted eyebrows department, when the use of coating some small brush hardness. With Geye Cha wipe brow eyebrow also has a certain effect, but must insist for a long time.
Second, the treatment method of ginger anaphalantiasis, coated with ginger eyebrows; the Cod Liver Oil eyebrows with the eyebrow thick feeling, the overall sense of clutter free and beautiful, vitamin E on the brow of the increasing concentration is also very effective.
Third, one of the most effective and most popular method of plant. Experts said that for the growth of eyebrows problems who can line the scalp grafting, flap transplantation with vascular pedicle, hair implant, can also be combined with the modified method of tattoo. The root hair implantation can simulate the normal eyebrow course and density changes, the effect is most natural.
Autologous hair implantation can solve the innate beauty eyebrow, brow eyebrow or eyebrow eyebrow caused due to lack of, or due to trauma caused by scar, all of which can be changed by eyebrow planting technology. The use of autologous hair implantation in some what?
In general, it has the following characteristics:
1 application specific methods of anesthesia, painless operation.
2 we will pick the relatively soft hair. After planting the eyebrows more natural. See no traces of plant cultivation.
3 the United States imported plant application document, planting density can reach the normal eyelashes. Eyebrow direction angle planting postoperative no trace.
4 in accordance with the direction and angle of their eyebrows grow. After the operation is normal and brow eyebrow.

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