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How kind of eyebrows after nursing

What are the common methods of tattoo

1: Zhanshui ban within a week after the operation, prohibit local extrusion, Beauty brow In order to prevent the hair follicle is extruded and exposed in the air, affect the survival rate of hair follicle;
2: local cleaning after a week, prohibit the use of hand to pull off scab, Beauty brow The blood scab will fade in many times after cleaning;
3: three weeks after operation, the follicle enters the shedding period duration is about 1-3 months, Beauty brow Uneven level of the hair will fall off, do not need special care, only the long hair cut short;
4: after more than 98% months 6-9 hair survival, hair is stable, because preoperative eyebrow design is now just short, so you can.
Although the kind of eyebrows is a simple outpatient operation, Beauty brow But the eyebrow has certain artistic quality in the face, so eyebrows from hair but not completely equivalent to the hair, it not only requires the doctor technical clearance, but also an artist! This advice, the beauty of friends, Beauty brow Choose an experienced before operation My teacher Is the key!
The normal scalp contains an average of 90 thousand -14 10000 mature hair and a little more hair and hair can not be perceived. Hair growth and replacement is cyclical, normal hair growth cycle can be divided into growth period, catagen and telogen three stages in the growth period, the hair from hair follicle base and continuous growth of a minister, 2-4, beauty brow until fully grown and catagen, 2-4 weeks, during this period stop hair active hyperplasia. Is the last resting period, about for 3 months, after the hair began to hair loss. Then a new hair began to grow, repeat another growth cycle, each person’s hair is often in different stages of the growth cycle, shedding and growth in dynamic equilibrium, the beauty of plant daily average of about 100 or so hair loss, but also have the same number of normal hair in growth period. Three months after the operation of new hair began to grow, half a year later we can see preliminary results.
The donor Department intercepted at local anesthesia state, from the occiput and interception of a required area equal to the scalp after suturing the wound. The characteristics of brow surgery:
1, according to the person’s head, face, temperament and characteristics such as age, hair; beauty brow according to the growth direction and distribution of normal hair transplantation, to meet the requirements of beauty
2, hair transplantation is safe without pain, planting hair from its own security, no exclusion. The operation process of ease and comfort, beauty brow can listen to music, read magazines, drink coffee and chat
3, hair transplantation survival rate is high, after planting the hair follicle survival rate is as high as 98%–100%
4, brow surgery no signs, minimally invasive surgery, surgical trauma is small, delicate, after no traces
5, hair transplant for permanent hair, hair is its own survival in autologous skin, beauty brow and hair will not fall off, the original part of the nature, for hair growth law is completely consistent, the density of hair can be close to the normal density, the effect is natural
6, after planting may be normal hair growth, grooming, pruning. Planted in the eyelashes and eyebrows parts of the hair need regular pruning, we can plant beauty through this program on the new eyebrows and eyelashes according to their own needs pruning, finishing etc.. Normal human scalp hair is very rich, there are always new and old, so eyebrow hair transplantation is a very good choice.
What are the common methods of tattoo
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