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How do the dynamic method of floating eyebrow, what are the characteristics?

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Floating eyebrow after the launch, by the majority of people who love beauty. So some people have to follow, the dynamic floating eyebrow, soft embroidered eyebrow, eyebrow color drift drift rotation etc.. This phenomenon is mainly due to the following characteristics caused by the floating eyebrow:
From the design results of floating eyebrow technician to the customer to do the eyebrows before, will give the customer design eyebrow. Different from the commonly used technique is that floating eyebrow can design a brow, so that customers see the effect after eyebrow from design can effectively communicate with the customers. For now the aesthetic requirements for a successful eyebrows, not only is a right eyebrow, the fidelity of it, natural or not, it is very critical. So the root on the floating eyebrow design not only is the design of sublimation, is a kind of technology to enhance security.
The tattoo technology has defects. For example: Tattoo technology division technology does not pass, the eyebrow design is not good, when unexpected failure, customers do brow because of various reasons and regret. In these cases, the customer can only wait until three months later, the skin completely restored, with a laser machine or syrup wash do eyebrows. No matter the methods are not guaranteed: can not wash clean, no scar. Of course, the corrosive effect of laser and pain medicine will not say. The development period with the dry floating eyebrow pigment, floating eyebrow, with a special enzyme harmonic pigment, so that each pigment molecules are lysosom wrapped, when needs to be erased, with floating eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow painted on the water, water soluble enzyme decomposition into water. The wound with the water outflow of pigment.
No red eyebrows and Lan Meimao
Many women after tattooing, soon appeared red and blue eyebrow eyebrows. The image is affected. It has a great relationship with pigment and technology:
The red eyebrow: Chinese eyebrows are generally several light coffee, dark coffee or Asian black color. While these colors generally in black and red deployment, the body has received absorption characteristic of melanin, when melanin is absorbed, eyebrows will slowly reflect red. Floating eyebrow pigment powder to appear, reducing the possibility of human absorption of melanin. And wrapped in a layer of pigment fibrinolytic enzyme, another barrier to.
The blue eyebrow: general operation technology and practices caused. As the eyebrow, needle deep in the dermis and reach the dermis, blood compatibility in color from the skin revealing, looks into blue eyebrows. With the floating eyebrow in doing floating eyebrow, strict attention to depth, and can effectively grasp the skin color level, accurately control the color between the skin base layer and papillary layer. Just in time to avoid too shallow and too deep blue.
No bleeding eyebrow

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