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How care should be floating eyebrow after?

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Floating eyebrow is punctured wound skin care operation, how should after floating eyebrow? Floating eyebrow to fully do nursing work.
1, it can be cold in the floating eyebrow after redness, swelling and make it as soon as possible, should be placed on the ice cold ice bag, wrapped in sterile towel cold compress 20-30 minutes, will not avoid ice pack or ice placed directly in the wound, prevent water into wounds caused by infection.
2, floating eyebrow on the wound after topical anti-inflammatory drugs (such as lip Bao, aloe gel) to prevent infection, 3 times daily for three consecutive days.
Antiphlogistic medicine 3, floating eyebrow after severe swelling can be oral (usually made of double eyelid swelling after serious).
4, floating eyebrow within three days after the wound kept clean and dry, not wet.
5, after the scab should not contact the hot water and steam, prevent callus softening and shedding, coloring effect.
6, after the scab wound a bit urticant, should make themselves off, not artificially pull off, to prevent the color with the crust together off and affect the coloring effect, but you can use a swab gently wipe repair agent. 7, the eyebrows do 5-7 days or so, because the cuticle and floating color will be significantly more concentrated eyebrows, very natural cuticle and floating color will change after the scab off the eyebrows! Don't worry about the early color is dark. 8, after some local floating off light or uneven color, can be in a month in the United States yuan can be complementary.

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