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How best to tattoo?

make up

tattooed Eyeliner eyeliner, Eyeliner tattoo11, eye position: Eyeliner in the eyelash root to widen.

2, Eyeliner Eyeliner width: the width of 0.8-1MM, the liner width is 0.4-0.6MM.

3, the length of the liner liner: depending on the length of the eye depends on the size of.

4, Eyeliner eyeliner and radian radian: eyelash radian parallel.

5, eye color: yellow and black eyeliner with emperor prevail.

Note 6, the text eyeliner:

(1) the recent surgery eye liner should not have inflammation and myopia after. The color of the skin to liquid diffusion.

(2) to prevent the spread to the skin color.

(3) keep the eyes clean, the color drops into the eyes immediately rinse with eye drops.

(4) pay attention not to damage the nasolacrimal duct openings.

(5) the tattoo before check the eyes of a trachoma.

(6) the liner lines do not pay attention to beyond the eyelashes.

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