Geliable NX Permanent Makeup Machine With Battery+ cartridge needles

Cartridge needles for Geliable NX machine

Portable Lovbeauty Geliable NX Permanent Makeup Machine With Battery…/lovbeauty-geliable-nx-machine
This machine is with precise control system and Battery power supply, can be for EYEBROW, EYELINER, LIP permanent makeup and MTS
About the battery, keep charging about 6 hours to make it full and can be working about 10 hours


Adapter 1piece
Handpiece 1piece
Packing bag 1piece
Digital power supply 1piece

Product Detail:
1) Smooth lines and comfortable grip shape.
2) Desktop control power as the engine,Rotary Control System
3) Appreance is pure metal shell
4) Save and health manual-made needle
5) Needle-lock automatically, easy plug in and out,100% prevent cross infection.
6) USB connecting control panel and handpiece
7) Ipad size, push-button user interface, more easy and convenient operation
8) Using for Microneedle,Eyebrow,Eyeliner,Lip and small tattoo operation.

1) The digital controller is rechargeable
2) The screen is touch sreen,Very low noise,stable needling
3) Very safe and heathy,Have CE certificate
4) Fast speed with strong power,The speed and needle length is ajustable

1) Full disposable cartridge needles (Medical Grade)
2) Simple needle depth adjustment
3) With Number scale ring
4) pigment is easy to pierce into skin
5) High-speed stability
6) Germany magnetic rotation powerful but noiseless
7) Approved by CE,SGS,TUV,FDA,CPNP
8) Best Choice for high class permanent makeup


Cartridge needles for Geliable NX machine

The catridge needles are in indivdual pacakge and sterilizated by Gamma Ray. the length of it can be adjustable.

The size we have 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 5FLAT, 4 SLOPE and 7FLAT