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From the eyebrows length of the shade and the thickness of your destiny see

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For you. For his eyebrow eyebrows! Said a length of the shade and the thickness of individual personality and emotional tendencies and fate, can also determine a person’s lifespan, honor, brother among the edge. The eyebrows are good, great influence on you. Asian tattoo net The My teacher The secret for everyone!
1, than the outer corner of the eye long brow, be considerate of others and has magnanimity, economy is relatively abundant. Short people and their eyebrows fate is thin, between husband and wife’s fate is also very shallow.
2, small people with masculine temperament, positive and good impulse; fine eyebrow are feminine, negative temperament, irresolute and hesitant. The new moon eyebrow looks beautiful, but if the male long eyebrows, his personality was weak. In addition, small people tend to get parents sheltered.
3, long eyebrow, but in the phase of Kyrgyzstan phase! People generally eyebrows are also quite kind and generous vision, and more cautious, so do very meticulous, fewer mistakes, gentle and elegant, to understand others, interpersonal relationship is good, belong to nice type. Between the brothers and parents have live together in peace together, especially love. Nor for money and troubled life, good economic condition. This is suitable for people of the eyebrow in the financial aspects of the work, such as accounting, cashier. Relatively speaking, the eyebrows slightly longer than the eye is better than the length of eyebrow eyes of many people, deep affection between brothers, brothers can get help, but rely on heavy heart defect.
4, is a relatively short short eyebrow, eyebrows, before the length of the eye. Is the so-called short eyebrow look. Short eyebrow people are self-centered, will consider their own interests first. Their ambition is not very strong, the general character is stubborn, character belongs to the passion, inevitably becomes. So there will be no relationship with the family harmony, harmony, live only in the world of self, other interpersonal relationship is not very satisfactory. Because of bad luck, and character, if you encounter setbacks in life, we should start self-examination. But they have their own advantages, is relatively strong will. Want success and wealth rich, to overcome the environment or character, by their efforts. As a house, it is difficult to get help, or their own actual effort.
5, heavy people good luck, no matter what kind of him in class, he could have been very active. But if the eyebrow line too thick, this man will have pride, cunning tendency is often egotist. On the contrary, the human sentiment sparse eyebrows more robust, rich knowledge, but this lack of initiative and guidance.
6, up and down: brow brow brow down eyebrows are often called “eight twenty”. The eyebrows are compassionate and helpful, but also a good man. Even if someone tease, he does not want to revenge. The majority of people will suffer in 40 – 49 years old, but they will do well. On the tip of brow, self-esteem and personality are extremely strong, has refused to compromise, the lack of coordination. This is his strengths, but also his weaknesses. When he needs to have pride and determination, he can quickly display the means of budding. This person will often get the admiration of others. Tip up or down, which one will succeed? This depends on the fate and environmental factors and can not be generalized. If want to judge if the eyebrows down could be called the king, the eyebrows up and people can be called the bully.
7, liuyemei and synophrys liuyemei: who is gentle and wise, to honor their parents, and brothers live together in peace together. Synophrys person character, action more masculine. There are a wide synophrys people with courage, and narrow synophrys are more stubborn and lack of stamina. In addition, such people are more insidious, usually intelligent crime.
8, near and far eyebrow: eyebrow eyebrows and eyes are close, do a chenbuzhuqi, while most insidious, family controversy. And often only see the immediate benefits, but not consider the long-term. Eyebrows far away from the eyes of people, a relatively mild, and it is the longevity of the qiyuxuanang, phase.
9, wide and narrow brow brow: about two eyebrow intervals (physiognomy is called wide, Yintang) and more sedate and longevity, because he was a large, wide field of vision, not too care about anything. While the Yintang narrow one, on the contrary, a middle-aged will have serious illness.
10 of the eyebrows, eyebrows are lined in the same direction and shiny people are very lucky, people are very honest. If the eyebrows are very disordered, the direction of the growth is not consistent, so this inconsistency, most hypocritical people. Between the eyebrows very dilute or interrupt people in the early years when it is doomed to be lost a father or mother.
11, thick eyebrows and very dilute properly, and arrangement of symmetry of beautiful people, good fortune. At the same time too long long eyebrows, the outer corner of the people have rich life.
12, young people will grow one, two white eyebrows, this is. But if the long eyebrows is black and long, is the good luck sign. The position of higher eyebrows if this person’s character is very kind and generous.
13, the eyebrows grow beautiful people, will be early success.
14, people have long eyebrows.
15, the eyebrows unyielding man, said he has lofty ideals and high aspirations.
16, the narrow brow, very proud.
17, people have moles brow, contribution to society will be.
18, glabellum veined, susceptible to colds, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. If you can eliminate constipation, veins will disappear naturally, and will have a healthy body.
Many people are not too concerned about the eyebrows, eyebrows eyebrow is actually very important, life is a very important part of the influence. The eyebrows can affect the life to a great extent. The eyebrows fortune teller, everyone on the work idea of love, are different. We as long as a simple makeup, you can change it. So how can we give up the convenient method, then a energy-saving, it will bring good luck to repair a brow bar. My teacher who wants to learn embroidering forms, please join us in March Tattoo training !
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