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From the beginning of the transformation of the new tattoo began

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Tattoo tattoo is the use of traditional operation, a method of beauty of eyebrow eyebrow tattoo, a cosmetic technology in recent years is also more popular. The modern tattoo by small needle piercing the skin, metal oxide pigment will not be absorbed into the dermis, the skin color, and thus play a permanent role. Eyebrow, eyebrows can increase the thick sense, increasing the overall beauty of the person’s face, suitable for congenital or acquired deficiency of sparse eyebrows eyebrow eyebrow, eyebrow and poor in scars, uneven eyebrows of male and female patients
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Because the eyebrow can show a person’s personality, temperament and self-cultivation, so in the tattoo before, must according to the patient’s face, age, occupation and other characteristics, elaborate design, choose a good eyebrow, and the satisfaction of patients with eyebrow eyebrow pencil drawing. Tattoo, should pay attention to the pattern of the eyebrows Ning in shallow depth . This is very important, because there are individual differences between people, such as the nature of the skin, skin elasticity, skin color, skin absorption characteristics of different degree of medicine is different, and each person of eyebrow color shades are different. If a deeper color, color is very difficult, too difficult to repair when patients are not satisfied. If a light color, can also be offset by complementary, to enable patients to achieve satisfactory results. The pattern of the eyebrows rather short not long. The pattern of the eyebrows Ning not coarse fine. Only do these points, in order to create a beautiful eyebrow

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