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Four eyebrow operation techniques tattoo yourself every floating plant

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A person’s face, in addition to the flexible eyes, the most vivid, the heart and the representation of the character on a number of eyebrows, there is a close relationship between the eyebrow and the appearance beauty and emotion, so eyebrows naturally become an important part of people modified face. Please see Asian tattoo net Introduction:
line the brows 70-80's tattoo is to draw eyebrow, and a needle wheel to tattoo machine tattoo machine will be broad in coloring liquid pigment to penetrate the skin, the liquid will spread to the surrounding pigment in the skin, so make the formation of flake so that the whole eyebrow eyebrow is not realistic and stereo feeling, stiff, natural the United States eyebrow away from the human body.
Eyebrow 90s: the eyebrow is the main plant pigment, with oil and glycerin, underground water and the like, with the needle piercing the skin pigment paste, spread pigment paste in intradermal will not form flake, needle tip depth is fixed, the pigment not due to penetrate too deep and blue. It seems more fresh and clear lines of the eyebrows, eyebrow pain than reduced, but still stiff lack of vivid natural color.
Brow People did not stop the pursuit of beauty, Wen Yi is also further developed, created with the beauty of the brow, lasting shape. A stereoscopic effect real brow eyebrow root. By using the principle of bionics, solve the coarse, easy after eyebrow lines formed flake, punctate, iridescence; no real problem. Made out of natural eyebrow lifelike, has the effect of real ones.

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