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Floating eyebrow tattoo eyebrow carved with the features of aesthetics


After tattoo color is not natural to do

The Asian Network for the majority of tattoo Tattoo Lovers introduce in detail:
First, the proportion of facial features
My teacher Cutting distribution method analysis of human facial proportions with gold, with “three court five” as the modified standard.
Three divisions: refers to the length of the face, the face length is divided into three equal portions from the forehead hairline to the brow, from the brow to the bottom of the nose, the nose from the bottom to the chin, each with a long face, 1/3.
Five eyes: refers to the ratio of the width of the face, with eyes length, face width is divided into 5 parts. From the left to the right side of fortune fortune, the width of five eyes, one eye in the distance between the two eyes, two lateral sides of each interval to fortune in one eye, the proportion of 1/5.
Two, face;
Common the shape of one’s face Can be roughly divided into seven types: oval, round, square, triangle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, contemporary aesthetic that women face to face as the standard oval.
Oval feature:
Elliptical face for contemporary women the standard of beauty face, forehead and chin were pointed round, full cheeks curved shape, length and width ratio of 4:3
The characteristics of round face:
The frontal, cheekbones, chin, jaw turning slowly curved shape, facial muscle plump fat thick face, length and width ratio of less than 4:3
The characteristics of square face:
On the forehead and jaw wide angle turning is obvious, face is square, the face to women’s feminine sense of lack.
The characteristics of a long face:
Noodle buccal weight, facial muscle was not full, three long, more than 4:3 of the facial proportions, the face of people seem lack of anger, and depression.
Feature triangle face:
The amount of both sides is too narrow, wide angle turning under the frontal, obviously, in parallel with the lower jaw and forehead, the lower part of the face of the wide and flat, the face has a sense of falling.
The characteristics of the inverted triangle:
The amount of both sides of the wide, under the frontal depression, jaw is more prominent, which faces make people become too thin, lack of rolling.
The characteristics of diamond shaped face:
On both sides of the frontal narrow, wide cheekbones, jaw bone nodules prominent zygomatic, chin tip and long depression.

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