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Famed eyebrow new skills, to help you quickly draw eyebrow

floating eyebrow

Eyebrow design is often a headache. Many beauticians master the design principle of the eyebrow, the actual thrush is difficult to draw the symmetry of the eyebrows. Asian tattoo net The My teacher After years of practice experience, created a set of effective methods that can thrush, beautician in just 5 minutes to draw eyebrow roses, this is Famed eyebrow Design and rapid method of thrush.
Eyebrows represent one’s emotion, the movement must not be left eyebrow eyebrow muscle, otherwise there will be a brow, eyebrow end does not move, or dynamic and real brow eyebrow tail phenomenon, resulting in quite different impression. The famed eyebrow design can make the eyebrow tail from the brow. The so-called “famed eyebrow design”, is the most prominent part of the thumb placed in parallel with the eye near the nose the depression, on the inside corner to stick the thumb is above the brow; then enhance the thumb close to the edge of the brow line to appear, one of the most prominent position, that is “point at point; should be determined according to the customer’s face. Type a short person, at points corresponding to a tall; long face, at a low point; the two cheeks, big people, business should be slightly backward; the two cheeks small, eyebrows should be slightly forward a little. No matter how business can only be in the eyebrow width adjusted up and down, can not exceed this range.
After eyebrow design, the method can draw thrush ideal eyebrows. The formula is fast thrush:
“From the brow to brow, from the brow to brow (such repetition can be formed a smooth line, the eyebrow Po Pingtan);
Determine the eyebrow width and frown (so curves do not eyebrows following the emergence of a parallel phenomenon);
Repeat to brow eyebrow tail;
Go ahead (from the tip of brow arc drawn forward natural radian, elegant); filling inside the blank.”
Take the above method, with 1 minutes to two minutes to famed location, ideal draw eyebrow, and then two minutes of shaving messy eyebrows, only 5 minutes you can design a right eyebrow.

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