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The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

Now a lot of the tattoo artist is entangled in a problem, that is, when doing eyebrow eyebrow always can not draw symmetry.
A lot of people accidentally walked into the eyebrow of the misunderstanding, do not do the eyebrows when the actual situation requires the tattoo artist to do a completely symmetrical eyebrows, and then look bad.

(Picture of an absolutely symmetrical eyebrow and brow)

Did not find the eyebrows to do symmetry, not only did not enhance the value of the effect, but a little uncoordinated.
Sansheng third life is now hot, we take sansheng Third world to see a symmetry is not good-looking.
Let’s see our power.
Asymmetrical, but natural and spiritual.

Let’s see what happens if the left and right faces are symmetrical.

After looking at the contrast chart,
Have not found precisely because of its asymmetrical beauty
To make everyone’s beauty different.
As a tattoo artist, we need to know that everything has a law of yin and yang,
As long as there are two, absolutely not the same, there is no identical two leaves in the world, there is not exactly the same two faces, even a face of the left and right sides, are not completely relative to say!
So much less is the eyebrows, the eyebrows itself is moving is the expression reflex area, both sides of the size of the face is different, the size of the eye, natural eyebrows are different.
The purpose of our eyebrows is to make the eyebrows better to modify the face and facial features, appear more spiritual. As long as the eyebrows make our face more “harmonious” beautiful, is the success of the eyebrows.
So, if an eyebrow makes you feel more harmonious and beautiful, it succeeds without the problem of symmetry, because no one’s eyebrows are symmetrical in the world!


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