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Eyebrow Tattoo Blades U shape C Style

do cosmetic contact lenses, makeup is so beautiful!


With mixed 20000pcs for personal label



Eyebrows Tattoo U - Shaped Microblading Needles U14/16/18/19/21 Pins

U14 Flexi blade          U shape 14pin,0.22mm
U16 Flexi blade          U shape 16pin,0.22mm
U18 Flexi blade     U shape, 18pins,0.18mm
U19 Flexi blade U shape 18pin,0.22mm
U21 Flexi blade U shape  21pin,0.18mm


1. Creates various lengths

2. Fast two directional hand movements

3. Recommended for drawing curved hair strokes

4. May be used to create darker hair at the root and lighter at the tip

5. When used with others blades, completes natural looking eyebrow

6. Wide-range supply: 14U-0.22mm;16U-0.22mm;18U-0.18mm;19U-0.20mm;21U-0.18mm

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