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Eyebrow implant range

Eyebrow implant range

Eyebrow implant range
1, there is a fracture or eyebrows fill gaps
2, the eyebrow is not satisfied with the existing
In 3, congenital or acquired because of extremely sparse eyebrows eyebrow eyebrows out carelessly
4, tattoo too light and still no hair care feeling, hope that through this operation let the eyebrows more three-dimensional
although Brow surgery For the eyebrow is not perfect, but if the following circumstances belong to the subject, is not for the brow surgery:
1, if the patient with mental disorders, drug allergy, not physical scars or major diseases such as surgical disease, preoperative should truthfully inform the doctor.
2, women in pregnancy or lactation within 6 months of surgery and should not be required to avoid the menstrual period.
3, eyebrows Implantation The first two weeks of discontinuing aspirin, blood stasis type health drugs, such as vitamin E, nourishing capsule.
4, infectious diseases and chronic inflammation can not implant eyebrows.
ensure Brow surgery The effect, we must strictly comply with these matters. As the saying goes the same way Cheng Fangyuan, if not in accordance with these measures, the eyebrow implant will have some bad side effects, serious skin damage will result in other parts of the. So be careful.
Very sparse eyebrows affect people’s image, but many people also want to let oneself become more beautiful, so what is the good way, a method is currently relatively effective plant operation, it is safe and worthy of trust.
An eyebrow is a very exquisite surgery, brow deeply loved and welcomed by the people, there are more and more people to accept the kind of eyebrow shaping, then, how kind of eyebrow? Experts pointed out that the nature of sparse eyebrows or because of scar caused by defective eyebrow and so can a Planting eyebrows To solve the operation.
In general, for only a single eyebrow transplant 200-300 kind of hair follicle, brow eyebrows, want to determine the texture of eyebrows with eyebrow planting in the direction and angle of eyebrow surgery. For the shape of the eyebrows will be based on the wishes of patients with design. Because the eyebrows protect the eyes, brow and directly affect the overall appearance, but it also plays a very important role, so we can not ignore.
We also need to understand the matters needing attention in the operation of the plant: two weeks before surgery do not take drugs containing aspirin because aspirin causes platelet coagulation function decreased.
Suffering from hypertension and diabetes should be informative in the first visit to the doctor told the disease in order to open the doctor confirmed the eyebrow planting operation plan, plant before surgery to determine the health free of infectious disease or other inflammation in the body, do not make-up before surgery.
To avoid the menstrual cycle of female mammals; to keep the head clean bath before the surgery, his brow or plastic surgery, professional design personnel please draw a good eyebrow.

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