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Eyebrow& cosmetic surgery 4 types of surgery

according to Asian tattoo net The common type of eyebrow surgery
1, Cut eyebrow The whole eyebrow excision
Mainly applicable to the whole eyebrow eyebrow scar caused by repeated, sparse eyebrows; after tattoo colors, usually thick black caterpillars lying to the supraorbital margin, after laser eyebrow washing means after removing color. Must be all of the eyebrows.
To do after no traces must be designed to ensure the operation incision, incision after slight traces in the region or re eyebrow thrush, according to patients with upper eyelid and the outer corner of the eye skin relaxation, proper resection of upper eyelid and temporal excess skin.
The cut eyebrow skin to superficial subcutaneous, not to hurt the deep supraorbital nerve and vascular bundle, so as to avoid long-term postoperative scalp and forehead numbness, also suture by subcutaneous absorbable suture, suture skin incision with imported leather, adhesive tape surface with a suture free, postoperative traces were not obvious, as the eyebrow the most ideal surgical method and technology. 8 days after resection of the thrush, re tattoo 1-3 months after operation.
2, the eyebrow eyebrow excision
Cosmetic surgery The suitable for the skin of upper eyelid and eyebrow relaxation structure and normal morphology, the position is too low. Design of incision margin of 1 mm in the eyebrows, according to the degree of skin relaxation and eyebrow depression, decided to remove the skin and remove part of the shape and size of the eyebrow eyebrow.
3, eyebrow eyebrow excision
Suitable for high position or tattoo on the upper eyelid skin relaxation.
The lower margin of about 1 mm to eyebrow eyebrow incision, according to the need to reduce the degree of upper eyelid skin and relaxation, and remove the excess skin incision design, while the upper eyelid skin flaccidness parts (in Chinese and foreign) to design different skin excision form. Removal of excess skin, the dermis and subcutaneous imported absorbable suture, skin surface suture free adhesive technology.
4, the central cross cut eyebrow eyebrow excision
Suitable for lateral brow ptosis, canthus downward and lateral upper eyelid skin relaxation, some even triangular eyes; lateral eyebrow scar, hyperpigmentation, and brow and middle brow position and shape in normal subjects.
The lateral eyebrow no traces of the resection and removal of excess lateral upper eyelid skin, correction of upper eyelid skin relaxation, improve the outside corner of the eye, remove the temporal eye and facial wrinkles, to become young, improve the eyebrow shape, through the operation to kill two birds with one stone

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