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Embroider want to do well, complementary to patience.

Complementary color is a long-standing problem, because each person’s skin of six colors of Chengdu, it is difficult to color the first time to do “one”, therefore, the real play or complementary color.

Complementary colors is a pattern embroidered The problem, because each person’s skin six color Chengdu is different, it is difficult to color the first time to do “one”, therefore, the real play is to paint the complementary color.

Although the complementary color seems very troublesome. In fact, complementary colors are a more secure approach. This pattern Embroidery Division can master the different color of each person, and then according to each person’s ability to stay color, will be stable.Therefore, mm in complementary colors can not be too anxious.
The current half permanent fixed makeup although popular, but still a large number of customers are not clear traditional embroidery and semi-permanent fixed makeup . Before the tattoo, the price is around three hundred or four hundred, but also can be maintained for a long time, the price is really very cost-effective. And now make a half permanent fixed makeup eyebrow, less than thousands of million, but only to maintain 2-3 years, too uneconomical. In fact, the idea is wrong, the eyebrows reversible is safe, if always like tattoo . Not only is it difficult to change color, after the popular is also more awkward. The traditional eyebrow tattoo can only be cleared by washing eyebrow, which adds to the pain unnecessarily.
(Left: Traditional tattoo, right: Modern pattern Embroidery)
Complementary colors can not be scrambled, there are many mm because of its own eyebrows sparse, do the eyebrows just over the end of the scab, the color of the feeling of light and did not do the same, so find the pattern embroidery Division theory. However, many teachers feel helpless is that many mm even do not know “return color period”, “return to color period” is the eyebrows do, a part of the pigment will fall with the scabs, another part of the pigment began to emerge slowly skin surface, this time eyebrow will be more and more deep. If the “return to color” before the end of the complementary colors, it is likely to face a new color + old color situation, become a “crayon small new.”
Of course, according to each person’s situation is different, as well as each of the Pattern embroidery division, eyebrow color too light is also possible. The pattern embroiders the teacher to follow “Ning shallow not deep, ning short don’t long, rather narrow not wide” principle, plus each person’s skin absorption and excretion of the ability of different, “Back color period” is indeed over, and then the color too shallow words, or to timely complementary, some people’s skin condition is not good, even many times to repair.
In short, the complementary colors do not worry, or to be patient to see their skin status Oh.
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