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Eagle eyebrow is good?

eyebrow tattoo

There is a close relationship between eyebrow and facial expression and emotion, so eyebrow it has always been an important part of modified face. A beautiful face eyebrows have a great impact, because some friends of all sorts of reasons of congenital form eyebrow imperfect phenomenon, this makes people very distressed. The traditional methods are time-consuming and laborious, carved eyebrows good? Where Guangzhou carved eyebrow?
Carved eyebrows is good? The eagle eyebrow should follow the direction of the growth of eyebrows, a good grasp of the depth, density and skills. Brow, eyebrow tail color should be slightly pale, slightly thinning and density, eyebrow color is heavy, the density is dense, it is in the shade for eyebrow. If the pattern of the thick black eyebrows, the whole eyebrow becomes stiff, natural connection at the same time pay attention to the color transition bias, if the line is too obvious, eyebrows will distortion. Eagle eyebrow gimmick when not too deep too close, too deep, tattoo piercing the skin over the depth of the dermis, the pigment will be blue pigment cells and phagocytosis.
Therefore, Eagle eyebrow color pigment and the appropriate person, partial hair black, darker skin with natural grey with one or two drops of black hair; yellow, the skin is white with natural grey with one or two drops of coffee. In embroidery experiments, many beauticians just a single dark grey or black to embroider eyebrow, such a pattern is not true, not eyebrows will naturally make eyebrows look dull and distortion.
Experts said that the good is carved eyebrows with carved eyebrow pigment on the choice of. The choice of the color with shades of brown, gray, black, brown etc., should be selected according to the eyebrow hair and skin color. People often have several hair color mix color, a little dark gray, a little dark brown.

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