Double-Headed Surgical Skin Marker Medical Pen With Ruler

Double-Headed Surgical Skin Marker Medical Pen With Ruler


Model No.   JB – 03
Advantage   Fine Type
Type   Surgical Supplies
Color   Violet color
Package   Single Blister Pack
Properties   Disposible



1)  Sterile,Non-toxic violet color. It comes with 6″ (15 cm) ruler.

2)  Our skin markers contain medical-grade, non-irritating gentian violet ink.

3)  Sterile marking pen provides non-toxic ink mark on skin and stays visible after surgical prep.

4)  A large ink reservoir allows for a longer product life and also helps provide constant ink flow for clear marking.

Medical Pen is a pencil used for marking the skin before various procedures, but it can also be used in microblading and PMU. Due to the fact that it is not easily deleted, it is very useful in microblading, because all the points marked with this pencil will remain after wiping the pigment. The pencil has two very sharp and precise tips that can be used to mark exceptionally fine micro points. Wait for 60 seconds after the marking for the points to dry, then start the treatment. The points can be deleted with alcohol after the treatment.


1)  Clean and wait for the skin dried;

2)  Make marking on the skin with this marker;

3)  Use iodine to sterilize again on the marking;

4)  Markings can be removed by acid alcohol;


1)  Clean and dry the skin firstly ,and then use the skin marker for drawing.

2)  Use the iodophor to disinfect the skin and fix markings.

3)  Use the dilute alcohol to remove the markings.

4)  Do not use a same marker with different person to advoid possible infection.

5)  It is required to pay special attention and consideration ,when using on mucous membrane, damaged skin or wouds.

6)  As medical rubbish after using.

Product Performance:

Disposable medical skin marker is used for health care during a medical procedure on a patient’s skin tags.With gentian violet solution as ink,Conventional fine nib points and other specifications.This product has been sterilized ray,Per capita disposable15cm & 6inchRuler sterile paper and plastic bags,Take a persistent low odor environmentally friendly ink,You can write fluent human skin,Harmless,No stimulation.Mark with iodine were fixed and disinfection,Is not easily erased,fast,Safety,Simple Features.Upon removal of the mark available low concentration of the acidic alcohol wipe,It can be widely used in general surgery,Plastic Surgery,orthopedics,neurosurgery,Cardiovascular Surgery identify surgical positioning radiation therapy.

Scope:Radiation therapy is used to research and the environment,To use surgical and dermatological treatment marking the patient’s skin,Locate.


*It should be considered in patients with allergic reactions to gentian violet.

*Each pen single-patient use only,In order to avoid cross-infection.

*Note that when using the tip protection,When not covered pen cap,Prevent dry ink.

*When the packaging is damaged,Do not use.

*Sterilization is valid for three years,.


Mucosal and skin damage,When wound with caution.


Equipment package should be stored in the shade and understanding,ventilation,dry,Prevent contact with corrosive gases.


temperature: 30-80%

Note rodent,Pest control,Packaging to prevent breakage.