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Donnot Make Mistake at Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo – Serbia, RS

Non-digital permanent makeup machine

The machine kit is  not digital, it works with a 3 speed adapter, Nouveau contour handpiece and foot pedal.

the adapter can control the working speed(high, medium,Low)

Foot pedal controls the ON/OFF, when working, you need to tread on the foot pedal all the time.

the handpiece is Nouveau contour brand, so the needles are also same with the needles from Nouveau contour .

the kit includes:

3-speed Adapter  1pc

foot pedal  1pc

handpiece 1pc

needles: 1RLX5, 3RLX5, 5RLX5

Non-digital permanent makeup machine
Non-digital permanent makeup machine
Non-digital permanent makeup machine
Non-digital permanent makeup machine
Non-digital permanent makeup machine
Non-digital permanent makeup machine

I had the same experience as our member VANESIA who firstly created this title THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE when she was writing about her permanent eyebrows. A year ago (exactly) I tattooed my eyebrows but I didnt check the tattoo studio where I went to tattoo my eyebrows ( because I was idiot ). I wanted to tattoo pale brown eyebrows because I was not satisfied with my natural shape.

AFTER TATTOOING I was shocked ! I got DARK,BLACK,THICK eyebrows, and they were not the same shape from the beginning. The man who tattooed them told me to wait for 2 weeks and after 2 weeks they were the same ! After that I went to a cosmetic salon to try to fix those awful black eyebrows and they tried with beige color but only a small surface to see the effect ! The eyebrows were still terrible so I decided to go on a laser treatments. I found one private clinic and the plan was to take 3-5 treatments and each one costs 50$. I was desperate so I didnt mind about the money ! I have already had 3 treatments and I see the progress but I think it will take me more than 5 treatments to fully remove these eyebrows !

The bad sides of the laser treatments are those: 1. It hurts very very much 2. you have to wait 4-6 weeks between the treatmens and during that period your eyebrow color mutates from black to red and all people are looking at you like you are idiot 3. it is expensive 50$ each treatment. Despite all these bad sides I would not know what to do with my eyebrows if I hadnt find this solution ! One of the problems which can happen is that some colors contain iron and after the laser treatment it OXIDES and becomes even darker than it was before the treatment. I had that problem with the part of my eyebrows that mentioned I went to fix. Doctors told me that there is a possibility that it can not be removed or it can but that we will need more treatments ! Im a bit worried about that. In 3 days I am going to fourth laser treatment and I hope to have a good progress ! Everyone who gets into trouble like this, and thinks that she is the only idiot on the planet,dont be desperate,you can contact me for some advices and suggestions and you should know that you are not the only one!!!


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