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Do you know this before the eyeliner?

Eyeliner allows small-eyed people to change their pupil size, to increase the clarity of the eyes, people have a good impression, but the eyeliner for ordinary people is not so easy to master the things, the painting is also a period of time, so a waste of time, if the painting is not good, just play the opposite direction of effect.
So who is suitable for eyeliner?
1, trichiasis after surgery or pouch surgery to conceal, cover the scars of the crowd;
2. The age of beauty who requires eyeliner should be over 18 years old.
3, after the double eyelid operation is too wide, the effect of reducing the double eyelid width can be produced by eyeliner.
4, eyelashes sparse shedding;

These people if need to be beautiful, strong requirements need to do a eyeliner, then who is not suitable for the lines of eye line?
1, eyelid has inside, valgus, eyeball outward sudden apparent, upper eyelid skin flabby obvious or droop;
2, Scar Constitution, allergic constitution is best not grain;
3, relatives of different meanings, I hesitate, psychological preparation is not sufficient should be classified as temporary contraindication;
4, high expectations, or unrealistic requirements are best not to do eyeliner;
5, suffering from eye disease, especially the eyelid margin with inflammation is not suitable for eyeliner;
6, suffering from skin disease, infectious diseases;
7, for single eyelid, should advise first do heavy eyelid surgery, and then line eyeliner, to obtain the best results.
8, abnormal mental state or psychosis;
9, high myopia, hyperthyroidism or other causes of excessive eyeball protrusion, not suitable for eyeliner, most single eyelids, due to drooping eyelids often cover the eyelid, resulting in the eyelash root can not be exposed, after the effect is not obvious, not suitable to make eye lines, but in the operation with double eyelid, the eyelid edge naked, Eyeliner can achieve good results.
Eyelashes rare eyes without God, lines can make up for its deficiencies. Small eyes can expand the role of the eye type. However, the above-mentioned facts can not be absolutely also depends on the actual situation.

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