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Create attractive eye is actually very simple

What are the common methods of tattoo

All the women would not refuse a pair of beautiful big eyes, and a pair of eyes will discharge all women are eager to get to the eyes, can be modified on it is the largest liner. Now in the street just to find in the makeup Eyeliner on female simple eyeliner in recent years has become a part of the makeup should be women.
Create attractive eye is actually very simple
In general, often make-up of women has a priority among priorities for the parts of his dress, it is painted eyeliner, it is a kind of magic, and can give women more eyes rest things, because of the emphasis on eye shadow contrast effect, eyeliner can make her eyes more charm and attraction. In general the liner near the inner canthus angle slightly thin, central tail gradually widened to bold paropia after slightly elongated pouty, appear more youthful and lively; under the eye liner should be thin, eye end a little wider. Instruct the operation when the tattoo eyes closed, can reduce pain and terror, and remind the tattoo when don't hand close to the eyes or suddenly looked up and move, so as to avoid injury of the eye. The tattoo to see tiny beads of blood should not fade can wipe with a cotton ball. After some antibiotic eye drops, with antibiotic ointment, a week after the exuvial, according to the situation and then fill a pattern. In fact, ancient Egypt began to follow the line at the time of initiation, women began to use black charcoal on the eyelid. Now more Eyeliner has become a kind of fashion. The last note should try not to draw close to the surface of the eye liner in the lash line within the site, because when painting supplies are not careful eye contact to the surface of the eye will damage the eyes, causing infection. In addition all devices are not for others to mix, pay attention to personal hygiene and safety, so as to better preserve our beauty.
Create attractive eye is actually very simple

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