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Common simple smooth eye tail

What are the common methods of tattoo

For many middle-aged women, the most terrible to see their eyes appear wrinkles, because it can mercilessly expose their age. Expensive to buy a lot of cosmetics is not really effective. How can these hate small things away?

The reason of the formation of crow's feet:

The causes of eye wrinkles, eye skin can be summarized as functional decline. Here to introduce you to what is the formation of wrinkles.

1, by the natural skin aging and photoaging effects (solar ultraviolet radiation on the skin damage) effects within the dermis fibroblast activity decreased or lost, the dermal layer of collagen fibers and elastic fibers to reduce the fracture, resulting in reduced skin elasticity, eye wrinkles increased.

2, as the body's natural aging, endocrine function gradually decreased, nutritional function of the body of the muscle fibers and small cells became weak, the rate of protein synthesis decreased, the number of small muscle fibers decreased, resulting in the nervous system of a complete expression of the skin is not fine, so as to form wrinkles.

3, the dry and cold, wash water temperature is too high, expressive, irregular lifestyle, smoking can lead to decreased elasticity of fibrous tissue, thus speeding up the formation of eye wrinkles.

Common simple tips remove wrinkles:

A: a group of Steamed Rice

The Steamed Rice offbeat.

When Steamed Rice do, pick some soft and warm Steamed Rice knead, on the face Qingrou, until Steamed Rice group becomes greasy dirty, then rinse the face. Steamed Rice can make the skin pores in the grease, dirt sucked out, make the skin smooth breathing, thereby reducing wrinkles.

Two: a cup of beer

Beer can help eliminate wrinkles

Less alcohol content of beer, contains tannic acid, picric acid and stimulate appetite and help digestion and heat effect. Beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein, these are the love skin nutrition. Moderate drinking beer (daily lunch and dinner drink 150~250 grams), can enhance physical fitness, reduce facial wrinkles.

Three: a chicken bone

Skin dermal tissue were made of elastic fibers, lack of elastic fibers, the skin loses its elasticity, the loose skin gathered to form wrinkles. With a large number of chondroitin sulfate goose and chicken cartilage, it is the most important component in the elastic fiber. The leftover chicken bones clean, and the brown soup together to drink, not only nutritious, often drink can also make the skin delicate, in the course of time, wrinkles will be reduced.

Four: a piece of gum

Chewing gum for ten minutes every day, not only clean the teeth, but also can reduce facial wrinkles, ruddy. Because chewing can exercise facial muscles, improve facial blood circulation, enhance facial cell function to The new supersedes the old. gradually subsided, the crow's feet

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