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A collection of technical questions about lip bleaching

Q: My lip color is taibai, if do not need the lipstick, good ugly, but with the lipstick too troublesome, makes a drift lip easy, but do not know can do? What do you notice?
A: If you are not allergic to skin or scar Constitution, then you can make drift lip, and your lip color is very white, choose what color is generally what color, will not be too big, make the color will be very beautiful, so more conducive to the drift lip, general lip color too deep for the drift lip! No seafood can be eaten within one weeks after the lip is finished. Spicy food and-, like cilantro. After one weeks, the diet is no longer restricted.

Q: I am allergic to body, so do not do drift lip. But my lip color is quite deep. May I ask what brand of lipstick can be improved?
A: This friend, no matter what brand of lipstick you use, first you have to use some bright or pearly bright lipstick to cover the dark lip color. such as coffee, dark purple and dark color can not be used. Color can change the lip color in light.

Q: I work now, want to make a drift lip, but afraid to work too ugly, what time is the best?
A: If you want to go to work, but also to drift lip, you can choose a weekend, which is done in the morning of Saturday and lips will not appear very swollen present, also does not affect life. However, it takes three or four days to peel off the epidermis and color naturally and beautifully.

Q: Hello, I am allergic to physique, usually the skin is very sensitive, if use cosmetics improperly, will also cause skin allergy, and after injury will leave scar on the skin, I like to drift lip, beautiful very natural ~ ‘ Ah ~ ~ Want to do such an operation, but do not know will leave scar?
A: This friend hello, according to the situation you say you can not make drift lip. Once done, there will be scars. An allergic constitution is never to be tattooed!

Q: My face belongs to the national font, want to make a drift lip, friends said can be based on the face shape to determine the lip shape, small lips can be enlarged, large lips can be narrowed. Is that true? What kind of lip shape should a face like me have? Would you please help me design it?
A: A face like yours should be a fuller lip shape. This will highlight the lip, resulting in a sense of narrowing the visual form. Note that the lip shape can not be too small, or it will appear to be larger face.

Q: Is lip balm painful?
A: The lip does not need to inject anesthesia, only skin anesthesia can be. After anesthesia to tattoo no pain feeling, generally three or four days that layer of epidermis will fall off. The color becomes natural. The effect is generally this way, a two months after the color and now similar. Drift lip main is to pay attention to can not eat seafood, if once eat, will immediately bubble, bubble is the most taboo, because the bubble will affect lip color, causing local decolorization.
As long as it is-, you can not eat, generally one weeks to pay attention to it, especially in three or four days after peeling, the most important. Be sure to remember! There is a point to remind you of people who want to drift lip: if you are a scar body, then give up the idea of drift lip, you are absolutely not to do this operation! Otherwise it will cause scar appearance, greatly affect the appearance. Will make you regret it.

Q: See other people drift lips are very beautiful, I am very tempted, also want to drift, but I heard that some people can not do, do not can leave trouble, please experts to explain to me?
A: Yes, if you are allergic to skin or scar Constitution, or the skin is too dark, you can not do yo. Look at your skin is not very bad, if it is very easy to cause allergies, it is best not to do, if the lips too thick, too dark to make the effect is not ideal, the other situation should be no problem.

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