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Cheap eyebrow do not do as well

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Cheap eyebrow do not do as well.Torgovnik, a Chengdu girl felt his eyebrows was not good-looking and he and little sisters talk to tattoo she thought we should do the best so choose the most expensive in the store a value of 1900 RMB but the eyebrows

tattoo pigments

A sister paper Torgovnik, Chengdu
Feel your eyebrows is not too good
So he and the little sisters talk to tattoo
She felt she had to do the best
So choose the most expensive store a brow
The value of 1900 RMB
But after we do is that the

Why eyebrows the better pigment the shorter the time.

Although done after the girl felt a little expensive
But you must think of your truth
He did not think so much
On the top of the eyebrows
Go to the competition for the company’s chairman assistant
The lost.
Because my colleagues feel <b> her eyebrows so ugly</b>
Affect the company’s image

So I came to the salon shouting sister
The beauty salon boss also grievances
The eyebrows can also feel that they do
The others all said very satisfied

Got a scratch prize for eyebrows
Scratch is again
How can the mood out of control?

We do eyebrows to become beautiful, even the goddess!

I but the eyebrows, you either?

I don’t have enough money to eyebrows!

I don’t like eyebrows smashed his shop is good!
The key is a good eyebrow eyebrows!
A price,
Petty suffer a great deal,
The more expensive the eyebrows,
We must be careful,
Do not let yourself regret

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