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Professional embroidered know how many–lip color

Lip color: The main and operation of the depth, color concentration, the number of colors, color cell reception.

Depth: Needle 0.6-0.8 mm, for optimum color depth. Needle deep, bleeding large, easy foaming hyperplasia, reverse color effect. The needle is shallow and not easily coloured.

Pigment concentration: The use of front shaking color, operating lip area control in a centimeter diameter nail size, reduce pigment and blood, tissue liquid dilution. The finger collapses the lip piece, the lip piece unfolds the operation, each local point operation control in 60 seconds or so, the lip piece operation needle is slightly inclined, the acupuncture takes the circle or the reverse lip pattern to sweep. Acupuncture can tilt, halo color faster. After each local operation is completed again before operation, the pinhole within the diluted tissue liquid color transfer to the wet cotton piece, the back of the machine stained material, the power-on needle length. After the lip piece completes, wipes the lip piece, uses the saturated density color material to apply for 20 minutes.

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Professional tattoo embroidery Know how many–eyebrows color

Eyebrow Tattoo: Operation tool embroidery machine, installation single needle or multiple needles, machine needle filling plate-like, color material for liquid easy penetration, color method: After acupuncture penetration and single needle, multiple needle with color into the skin. The advantages are simple in operation, stable in color and good in safety. The disadvantage is that the plate is not lifelike hair feeling.

Eyebrow Planting: Operation tool embroidery machine, installation single needle, machine single needle operation line. The pigment is easily penetrated by liquid. Color method: After acupuncture penetration and single needle, multiple needles with color into the skin to form a pigment band. The advantages are good color, good control. The disadvantage is the faint color, the line feeling is not realistic.

Embroidered Eyebrow: The operation tool Hand pen, installs the needle piece, the needle piece installs in the hand pen, according to the needle piece reverse pushes, picks, the bullet, a line several times writes with the color operation. The pigment is creamy or pasty. Color method: Manual hand-dipped needle, needle color into the skin cells. The advantage is the operation is stable, easy to paint, the disadvantage is the color point of the uneven, late spot bleaching. The line feels bad.

Fluttering Eyebrow: The Operation tool hand pen, to draw the wound, the color material is the milky shape, the cream shape. Coloring method: The wound clips the pigment and increases the wound wall cells stained with pigment coloring. The advantage is the line elegant dynamic lifelike. Disadvantage is not easy to paint, decolorization fast, easy to leave the mark. Cut the wound sleek, not easily stained with pigment, wound formed, after needle push, increase the needle with color stab mouth two walls, forming a wound pigment band, is fluttering technique to make up for coloring the method, line wound depth, break open the wound with toothpicks to fill the wound with pigment, check the wound inside the pigment deposition, And let the pigment topical on the eyebrows 10 minutes, and then wipe clean.

The above four kinds of eyebrows technique most mainstream, has the obvious stage, the technique, the tool difference.

Carving Eyebrow: The manual pen installs eyebrow single needle, not machine, the skill operation that delimits

Sow eyebrow: In the eyebrow shape that already operate good line eyebrow, use a machine to install one needle or many needles, the technique of the pattern is painted with fog, play the effect of line and misty eyebrows.

More three lines about the name of the eyebrows, not in the pattern embroidery industry to stage, skills, tools, innovation, is the concept and the description of the mood.

For blue eyebrows, red eyebrows do an analysis:

Blue Eyebrow: Blue eyebrows, is the 80 ‘s, the product of eyebrow tattoo stage, at that time is in the imagination and the actual clinical early, did not integrate the culture, the science and technology and the esthetic idea, without common sense education, the Operation no design, the color position depth without medical knowledge, pigment single. In that era, to fill the gap between the beautiful needs of people, to increase the beauty of a degree, we can call it a beautiful!

Red Eyebrow: Red eyebrows, is the pattern of embroidered color material production factory color imbalance, a group of embroidered brand company has no clinical effect on sales, has been sold out. The color of the eyebrows will still appear slightly red, the reason is: pigment ingredients contain red pigment, customer physique, by the light oxidation and other elements.

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What kind of women in the workplace are most favored by their superiors

In the competitive workplace, you are brilliant but not necessarily to get the affirmation of the superior, this is not to say that your ability is not enough, but you do not have that characteristic temperament, there is no desire to ask you.
If you are a person with a bright and taut forehead, the beautiful forehead will be your magic weapon, the first one is impressive. If there is such an advantage, then good use, if not perfect also do not have to lose heart, the use of the day after the modification, to resolve your disadvantage, the introduction of Asian jacquard embroidery also let you in the workplace on a duck.

1. A woman with black eyes and sharp eyes
A woman with this face will have a strong feeling, and as a boss he needs an employee who can help him in his career, so he chooses people with strong energy. If the eyes are dim scattered, it will make people feel that you are not assertive, no idea of the person, such a person who boss will want to retain it?

2. A woman with clear lines and full cheeks
The women who have this kind of embroidered face will be better off in the workplace than the average person, because the cheeks are more likely to be trusted and entrusted, especially if the temples are slightly convex. Especially in the end, if a double cheek dry, pale person, burst out his inner uneasiness, let a person feel not your firmness.

3. A woman with a lighted and fuller mouth
A woman with such a embroidered face is a woman who brings a warm feeling and is more likely to be loved by a superior. Some people look general, but embodies the extraordinary temperament. If your appearance is general, that uses the warm makeup color to dissolve the melancholy irritability mood, lifts up the spirit, unfolds your that cold and capable temperament, lets the boss see your spiritual side.

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How long does it take to recover after eyeliner?

A lot of people are born with eyeliner is not obvious, so it will appear to have no spirit, so the lines of eyeliner to get the approval of the United States, eyeliner not only can save time can also make the eyes lovely, small eyes beauty of eye liner can expand the shape of the eyes, add to the beauty of the eye Then, the eyeliner needs a few days to recover, the following look at the Xiamen Strait Plastic beauty Hospital expert introduction.

Lines of eyeliner can be restored in a few days, which is related to a lot of factors, the average person’s words a one weeks or so can normal face, eat, but we also know that due to individual physique, and absorption of different, is also the impact of the outside world, so the recovery time is not the same. After eyeliner, we must pay attention to postoperative care and prevention, which not only affect the effect. Also reduces the recovery period.

Eyeliner after the postoperative care is very important, to restore normal as soon as possible and eliminate swelling, you need to do a good job after the nursing work, the general situation after the tattoo can be in the red and red parts of the cold compress, so that the purpose is to be as soon as possible swelling. In addition, tattoo eyeliner also need to be on the wound, use some anti-inflammatory drugs, usually 3 times a day, continuous days can be.

The recovery time of eyeliner is also related to the technical operation level of experts, good tattoo experts in the next stitch operation process, will pay attention to some details, exquisite technique, rhythm and harmony, good and bad, will not give customers friends to cause the slightest sense of pain, so that customers do not feel the operation of the situation, and the effect of natural, lifelike. Therefore, the United States in the selection of institutions and experts, must be cautious, must ensure safety and effectiveness.

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How to tattoo eyebrow effect is the best?

Eyebrow Tattoo According to the development of technology now there are many kinds of eyebrow method, so what kind of eyebrow tattoo method is the best? Eyebrow Tattoo method has plane eyebrow, point-like eyebrow (eyebrow), stereo eyebrow, stereo simulation eyebrow tattoo and so on. This is also a process of gradual evolution with the development of the Times.
Now let’s look at the analysis of which eyebrow is the best?
First: Plane eyebrow: This is a very early appearance of eyebrow tattoo technology, he is a kind of oneself like some patterns in his eyebrow, after the improvement of the modern embroidery division, formed the current plane eyebrow, this eyebrow has a characteristic is that he is a standard eyebrow pattern, the color distribution is very uniform, no vitality is very rigid.

The second: Point-like eyebrow (eyebrow): This is a little bit of the well of the eyebrow technique, is to adjust the color of the color material into the eyebrows of the root. Make the roots thicker so that the eyebrows become dark and change some of the people who used to have small eyebrows. So he also has some limitations.
Third Kind: three-dimensional eyebrow: This kind of eyebrow is after the beautician from the painting art comprehend. Its main features prominent lines like eyebrows, with the length of uneven, thick hair line characteristics, the text with the needle to the same direction with the eyebrows.
The fourth kind: simulation three-dimensional eyebrow: This kind of gimmick is magical in the first appearance soon by the beauty salon quickly popularizes. He is characterized by the main color is brown, combined with medical, optical, aesthetic eyebrows to the appropriate color of the dynamic beauty. This method is not suitable for women with little eyebrows.

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Do you know this before the eyeliner?

Eyeliner allows small-eyed people to change their pupil size, to increase the clarity of the eyes, people have a good impression, but the eyeliner for ordinary people is not so easy to master the things, the painting is also a period of time, so a waste of time, if the painting is not good, just play the opposite direction of effect.
So who is suitable for eyeliner?
1, trichiasis after surgery or pouch surgery to conceal, cover the scars of the crowd;
2. The age of beauty who requires eyeliner should be over 18 years old.
3, after the double eyelid operation is too wide, the effect of reducing the double eyelid width can be produced by eyeliner.
4, eyelashes sparse shedding;

These people if need to be beautiful, strong requirements need to do a eyeliner, then who is not suitable for the lines of eye line?
1, eyelid has inside, valgus, eyeball outward sudden apparent, upper eyelid skin flabby obvious or droop;
2, Scar Constitution, allergic constitution is best not grain;
3, relatives of different meanings, I hesitate, psychological preparation is not sufficient should be classified as temporary contraindication;
4, high expectations, or unrealistic requirements are best not to do eyeliner;
5, suffering from eye disease, especially the eyelid margin with inflammation is not suitable for eyeliner;
6, suffering from skin disease, infectious diseases;
7, for single eyelid, should advise first do heavy eyelid surgery, and then line eyeliner, to obtain the best results.
8, abnormal mental state or psychosis;
9, high myopia, hyperthyroidism or other causes of excessive eyeball protrusion, not suitable for eyeliner, most single eyelids, due to drooping eyelids often cover the eyelid, resulting in the eyelash root can not be exposed, after the effect is not obvious, not suitable to make eye lines, but in the operation with double eyelid, the eyelid edge naked, Eyeliner can achieve good results.
Eyelashes rare eyes without God, lines can make up for its deficiencies. Small eyes can expand the role of the eye type. However, the above-mentioned facts can not be absolutely also depends on the actual situation.

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A collection of technical questions about lip bleaching

Q: My lip color is taibai, if do not need the lipstick, good ugly, but with the lipstick too troublesome, makes a drift lip easy, but do not know can do? What do you notice?
A: If you are not allergic to skin or scar Constitution, then you can make drift lip, and your lip color is very white, choose what color is generally what color, will not be too big, make the color will be very beautiful, so more conducive to the drift lip, general lip color too deep for the drift lip! No seafood can be eaten within one weeks after the lip is finished. Spicy food and-, like cilantro. After one weeks, the diet is no longer restricted.

Q: I am allergic to body, so do not do drift lip. But my lip color is quite deep. May I ask what brand of lipstick can be improved?
A: This friend, no matter what brand of lipstick you use, first you have to use some bright or pearly bright lipstick to cover the dark lip color. such as coffee, dark purple and dark color can not be used. Color can change the lip color in light.

Q: I work now, want to make a drift lip, but afraid to work too ugly, what time is the best?
A: If you want to go to work, but also to drift lip, you can choose a weekend, which is done in the morning of Saturday and lips will not appear very swollen present, also does not affect life. However, it takes three or four days to peel off the epidermis and color naturally and beautifully.

Q: Hello, I am allergic to physique, usually the skin is very sensitive, if use cosmetics improperly, will also cause skin allergy, and after injury will leave scar on the skin, I like to drift lip, beautiful very natural ~ ‘ Ah ~ ~ Want to do such an operation, but do not know will leave scar?
A: This friend hello, according to the situation you say you can not make drift lip. Once done, there will be scars. An allergic constitution is never to be tattooed!

Q: My face belongs to the national font, want to make a drift lip, friends said can be based on the face shape to determine the lip shape, small lips can be enlarged, large lips can be narrowed. Is that true? What kind of lip shape should a face like me have? Would you please help me design it?
A: A face like yours should be a fuller lip shape. This will highlight the lip, resulting in a sense of narrowing the visual form. Note that the lip shape can not be too small, or it will appear to be larger face.

Q: Is lip balm painful?
A: The lip does not need to inject anesthesia, only skin anesthesia can be. After anesthesia to tattoo no pain feeling, generally three or four days that layer of epidermis will fall off. The color becomes natural. The effect is generally this way, a two months after the color and now similar. Drift lip main is to pay attention to can not eat seafood, if once eat, will immediately bubble, bubble is the most taboo, because the bubble will affect lip color, causing local decolorization.
As long as it is-, you can not eat, generally one weeks to pay attention to it, especially in three or four days after peeling, the most important. Be sure to remember! There is a point to remind you of people who want to drift lip: if you are a scar body, then give up the idea of drift lip, you are absolutely not to do this operation! Otherwise it will cause scar appearance, greatly affect the appearance. Will make you regret it.

Q: See other people drift lips are very beautiful, I am very tempted, also want to drift, but I heard that some people can not do, do not can leave trouble, please experts to explain to me?
A: Yes, if you are allergic to skin or scar Constitution, or the skin is too dark, you can not do yo. Look at your skin is not very bad, if it is very easy to cause allergies, it is best not to do, if the lips too thick, too dark to make the effect is not ideal, the other situation should be no problem.

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Is the blue sea a legend? I’m the legend.

Although the legend of the Blue Sea plot (double time and energy set) very wonderful, and interesting new play “lonely and Brilliant God-ghosts” to rob Memory, but Flynn or obediently to the new two set download to the mobile phone read and see! The reason is not Lee (of course, thin back obadhai very handsome), just because June too beautiful, and thin and white, even girls can not help her charm (beautiful)!

Postpartum comeback June No “mother phase”, or fashionable and beautiful maiden! Not only the figure is completely not out of shape, Flynn feel more thin than before the pregnancy has, no wonder from the garbage cans to pick out the clothes are wearing so beautiful! (Of course it’s all big)

June was still full when he was pregnant.

Two months postpartum thin to be thinner than before not pregnant!
Postpartum speed change mermaid figure do it!

June revealed that she has her own sports plans, every week Three days to do running aerobics, and other interspersed three days of plastic movement, the Special Private teaching guide. June before the private fitness trainer called Yun Guanqiu, lake rumors all the goddess in the star of your body is in her build, and later, many stars to find her training. Even in the end, it attracted the president of South Korea. Yes, now the June former personal trainer has been dug away by South Korea’s main Taiwan Park, where she is an executive in the blue tile, and is accompanied by a visit every time she goes abroad. It seems that whether it is June or thousand song Yi, thin body to rely on the legs. There is also a point: the star postpartum thin body is really not rely on talent, also rely on perseverance Ah!

But no time to exercise? Take care of the baby! So, Flynn tell you one side of the exercise side with the baby interaction good method, should not learn to see if you want to thin!

1: Stretched back flat on the yoga mat, hands holding the baby and then repeatedly raised the fall, notice that the arm parallel to the ground at the side of the body, while the legs together up to tighten up the core muscles, repeated 10 times.

2: Put the baby on the yoga mat, hands on both sides in a flat-supported posture start. Then turn around and repeat the elbow straight, repeat 20 (the more the better).

3: The baby is still placed on the yoga mat, kneeling right hand, left leg outward straight and then tighten the abdomen to the inside, each side repeat 20 times for the better.

4: Put the baby in front of the chest and hold, the legs wide apart from the toe of the knee outward, and then squat to the lowest point, repeat 10-30 times.

5: The same baby placed in front of the chest, and then left and right to squat down, knees, legs 90 degrees, repeat 20 times.

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The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

Now a lot of the tattoo artist is entangled in a problem, that is, when doing eyebrow eyebrow always can not draw symmetry.
A lot of people accidentally walked into the eyebrow of the misunderstanding, do not do the eyebrows when the actual situation requires the tattoo artist to do a completely symmetrical eyebrows, and then look bad.

(Picture of an absolutely symmetrical eyebrow and brow)

Did not find the eyebrows to do symmetry, not only did not enhance the value of the effect, but a little uncoordinated.
Sansheng third life is now hot, we take sansheng Third world to see a symmetry is not good-looking.
Let’s see our power.
Asymmetrical, but natural and spiritual.

Let’s see what happens if the left and right faces are symmetrical.

After looking at the contrast chart,
Have not found precisely because of its asymmetrical beauty
To make everyone’s beauty different.
As a tattoo artist, we need to know that everything has a law of yin and yang,
As long as there are two, absolutely not the same, there is no identical two leaves in the world, there is not exactly the same two faces, even a face of the left and right sides, are not completely relative to say!
So much less is the eyebrows, the eyebrows itself is moving is the expression reflex area, both sides of the size of the face is different, the size of the eye, natural eyebrows are different.
The purpose of our eyebrows is to make the eyebrows better to modify the face and facial features, appear more spiritual. As long as the eyebrows make our face more “harmonious” beautiful, is the success of the eyebrows.
So, if an eyebrow makes you feel more harmonious and beautiful, it succeeds without the problem of symmetry, because no one’s eyebrows are symmetrical in the world!


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What you have to know about aesthetics

The heart of beauty, all people have.
The pattern embroiders the teacher needs to study esthetics knowledge, enhances the esthetic, enhances the design ability, already is the pattern embroiders the profession the consensus, before you think how to create the perfect eye-brow lip, must know to create the eye-brow lip These basic standard is what, therefore this time Esthetics Foundation is very important.

First of all, we can start with the practice line, horizontal, vertical, oblique, all kinds of direction, with a flexible, generally along the structure, plus the overall line. The pull of the line must be quickly and surely, must not grind up 1.1 points.
Then it is the type, the outline is very important, a good start is half the success.
For the tattoo, we should pay more attention to the touch, and line training. Learn to recognize and judge facial styles, and use facial style knowledge to communicate with customers. Different styles of facial lip design to practice understanding, facial three Five eyes ratio is also we need to know.
Here we speak of eyebrow, eye, and lip.
Eyebrow Department
The golden rule of the Thrush
1. Brows about in the corner of the eye extension
2. Eyebrow tail position in the corner of the eye and the diagonal of the nose
3. Eyebrow extension cord at the outer side of the pupil.

To draw eyebrows first to understand the direction of the eyebrows, eyebrows are along the eyebrow bone to grow, can put brow, eyebrow waist, eyebrow decomposition to draw.
Attention should be paid to the bone point in the upper and lower recesses of the eye socket and the eyebrow deep brow of the convex transition through the temporal bone. Eyebrows are space, not affixed to the skin, can not be painted too dead. When you draw attention to the depth of the eyebrows change, do not draw the same depth, pay attention to observation.
The eye is the most expressive place, the eye includes the eyeball and eyebrows,
So notice the distance between them; the most important thing is to catch God.
Eye structure is divided into eyes, pupil, lacrimal gland, pouch and other components.

To draw the eyes of the steps, first with a straight line to cut out the basic shape, from the turning point to draw a large light and dark relationship (bright, dark, light and light intersection line), the third step, the need for depth characterization, grasp the eyebrows of the external characteristics, synchronous depiction, the final need to unify and adjust; just look at the proportion of eyebrows;
Learn to draw good eyes for our eyeliner operation is also a great advantage oh.

Analysis of the key points of the mouth performance steps
1. The upper and lower lip of the light and shade is rich and varied, in the depiction should pay attention to the shape and source and adjust.
2. The middle of the whole lip solid, strong contrast, both sides of the virtual, weak contrast, and the corners of the mouth around the small gray surface can make the mouth softer.

Descriptive steps of lip
When we are painting our lips, we must first observe the shape of the lips of the object to be drawn, the relationship between the upper and lower lip, and the difference between different people, so we must carefully observe and think carefully before painting.
Through hand-painted exercises, we can understand where the shortcomings of our daily design are, because the inadequacy of hand-painted is the inadequacy of your own design.
The same portrait, each person to draw out the feeling is not the same, everyone’s understanding of the United States is not the same, the focus of the aesthetic art of heraldry is not to draw more exquisite works, but through the painting experience aesthetic feeling.
Aesthetics is only auxiliary
Help us to catch the customer’s charm in a short time
It is the ultimate goal to design expressive works in the pattern embroidery.

Let’s enjoy a piece of Gao Yi Teacher’s work!

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