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Is the blue sea a legend? I’m the legend.

Although the legend of the Blue Sea plot (double time and energy set) very wonderful, and interesting new play “lonely and Brilliant God-ghosts” to rob Memory, but Flynn or obediently to the new two set download to the mobile phone read and see! The reason is not Lee (of course, thin back obadhai very handsome), just because June too beautiful, and thin and white, even girls can not help her charm (beautiful)!

Postpartum comeback June No “mother phase”, or fashionable and beautiful maiden! Not only the figure is completely not out of shape, Flynn feel more thin than before the pregnancy has, no wonder from the garbage cans to pick out the clothes are wearing so beautiful! (Of course it’s all big)

June was still full when he was pregnant.

Two months postpartum thin to be thinner than before not pregnant!
Postpartum speed change mermaid figure do it!

June revealed that she has her own sports plans, every week Three days to do running aerobics, and other interspersed three days of plastic movement, the Special Private teaching guide. June before the private fitness trainer called Yun Guanqiu, lake rumors all the goddess in the star of your body is in her build, and later, many stars to find her training. Even in the end, it attracted the president of South Korea. Yes, now the June former personal trainer has been dug away by South Korea’s main Taiwan Park, where she is an executive in the blue tile, and is accompanied by a visit every time she goes abroad. It seems that whether it is June or thousand song Yi, thin body to rely on the legs. There is also a point: the star postpartum thin body is really not rely on talent, also rely on perseverance Ah!

But no time to exercise? Take care of the baby! So, Flynn tell you one side of the exercise side with the baby interaction good method, should not learn to see if you want to thin!

1: Stretched back flat on the yoga mat, hands holding the baby and then repeatedly raised the fall, notice that the arm parallel to the ground at the side of the body, while the legs together up to tighten up the core muscles, repeated 10 times.

2: Put the baby on the yoga mat, hands on both sides in a flat-supported posture start. Then turn around and repeat the elbow straight, repeat 20 (the more the better).

3: The baby is still placed on the yoga mat, kneeling right hand, left leg outward straight and then tighten the abdomen to the inside, each side repeat 20 times for the better.

4: Put the baby in front of the chest and hold, the legs wide apart from the toe of the knee outward, and then squat to the lowest point, repeat 10-30 times.

5: The same baby placed in front of the chest, and then left and right to squat down, knees, legs 90 degrees, repeat 20 times.

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The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

The eyebrows are not absolutely symmetrical, only relative symmetry

Now a lot of the tattoo artist is entangled in a problem, that is, when doing eyebrow eyebrow always can not draw symmetry.
A lot of people accidentally walked into the eyebrow of the misunderstanding, do not do the eyebrows when the actual situation requires the tattoo artist to do a completely symmetrical eyebrows, and then look bad.

(Picture of an absolutely symmetrical eyebrow and brow)

Did not find the eyebrows to do symmetry, not only did not enhance the value of the effect, but a little uncoordinated.
Sansheng third life is now hot, we take sansheng Third world to see a symmetry is not good-looking.
Let’s see our power.
Asymmetrical, but natural and spiritual.

Let’s see what happens if the left and right faces are symmetrical.

After looking at the contrast chart,
Have not found precisely because of its asymmetrical beauty
To make everyone’s beauty different.
As a tattoo artist, we need to know that everything has a law of yin and yang,
As long as there are two, absolutely not the same, there is no identical two leaves in the world, there is not exactly the same two faces, even a face of the left and right sides, are not completely relative to say!
So much less is the eyebrows, the eyebrows itself is moving is the expression reflex area, both sides of the size of the face is different, the size of the eye, natural eyebrows are different.
The purpose of our eyebrows is to make the eyebrows better to modify the face and facial features, appear more spiritual. As long as the eyebrows make our face more “harmonious” beautiful, is the success of the eyebrows.
So, if an eyebrow makes you feel more harmonious and beautiful, it succeeds without the problem of symmetry, because no one’s eyebrows are symmetrical in the world!


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What you have to know about aesthetics

The heart of beauty, all people have.
The pattern embroiders the teacher needs to study esthetics knowledge, enhances the esthetic, enhances the design ability, already is the pattern embroiders the profession the consensus, before you think how to create the perfect eye-brow lip, must know to create the eye-brow lip These basic standard is what, therefore this time Esthetics Foundation is very important.

First of all, we can start with the practice line, horizontal, vertical, oblique, all kinds of direction, with a flexible, generally along the structure, plus the overall line. The pull of the line must be quickly and surely, must not grind up 1.1 points.
Then it is the type, the outline is very important, a good start is half the success.
For the tattoo, we should pay more attention to the touch, and line training. Learn to recognize and judge facial styles, and use facial style knowledge to communicate with customers. Different styles of facial lip design to practice understanding, facial three Five eyes ratio is also we need to know.
Here we speak of eyebrow, eye, and lip.
Eyebrow Department
The golden rule of the Thrush
1. Brows about in the corner of the eye extension
2. Eyebrow tail position in the corner of the eye and the diagonal of the nose
3. Eyebrow extension cord at the outer side of the pupil.

To draw eyebrows first to understand the direction of the eyebrows, eyebrows are along the eyebrow bone to grow, can put brow, eyebrow waist, eyebrow decomposition to draw.
Attention should be paid to the bone point in the upper and lower recesses of the eye socket and the eyebrow deep brow of the convex transition through the temporal bone. Eyebrows are space, not affixed to the skin, can not be painted too dead. When you draw attention to the depth of the eyebrows change, do not draw the same depth, pay attention to observation.
The eye is the most expressive place, the eye includes the eyeball and eyebrows,
So notice the distance between them; the most important thing is to catch God.
Eye structure is divided into eyes, pupil, lacrimal gland, pouch and other components.

To draw the eyes of the steps, first with a straight line to cut out the basic shape, from the turning point to draw a large light and dark relationship (bright, dark, light and light intersection line), the third step, the need for depth characterization, grasp the eyebrows of the external characteristics, synchronous depiction, the final need to unify and adjust; just look at the proportion of eyebrows;
Learn to draw good eyes for our eyeliner operation is also a great advantage oh.

Analysis of the key points of the mouth performance steps
1. The upper and lower lip of the light and shade is rich and varied, in the depiction should pay attention to the shape and source and adjust.
2. The middle of the whole lip solid, strong contrast, both sides of the virtual, weak contrast, and the corners of the mouth around the small gray surface can make the mouth softer.

Descriptive steps of lip
When we are painting our lips, we must first observe the shape of the lips of the object to be drawn, the relationship between the upper and lower lip, and the difference between different people, so we must carefully observe and think carefully before painting.
Through hand-painted exercises, we can understand where the shortcomings of our daily design are, because the inadequacy of hand-painted is the inadequacy of your own design.
The same portrait, each person to draw out the feeling is not the same, everyone’s understanding of the United States is not the same, the focus of the aesthetic art of heraldry is not to draw more exquisite works, but through the painting experience aesthetic feeling.
Aesthetics is only auxiliary
Help us to catch the customer’s charm in a short time
It is the ultimate goal to design expressive works in the pattern embroidery.

Let’s enjoy a piece of Gao Yi Teacher’s work!

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