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Gaga Smoke Makeup styling thriller all the way to cover the head squint sighting pedestrians

Gaga Smoke Makeup styling thriller all the way to cover the head squint sighting pedestrians

Lady Gaga wears black denim cut off shorts with black boots as she was seen leaving Electric Lady Studios …

Lady Gaga spotted taking selfies with fans as leaving the studio in the West Village, New York City

Lady Gaga wears black denim cut off shorts with black boots as she was seen leaving Electric Lady Studios on …

Lady Gaga spotted taking selfies with fans as leaving the studio in the West Village, New York City

Lady Gaga wears black denim cut off shorts with black boots as she was seen leaving Electric Lady Studios on …

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Is the blue sea a legend? I’m the legend.

Although the legend of the Blue Sea plot (double time and energy set) very wonderful, and interesting new play “lonely and Brilliant God-ghosts” to rob Memory, but Flynn or obediently to the new two set download to the mobile phone read and see! The reason is not Lee (of course, thin back obadhai very handsome), just because June too beautiful, and thin and white, even girls can not help her charm (beautiful)!

Postpartum comeback June No “mother phase”, or fashionable and beautiful maiden! Not only the figure is completely not out of shape, Flynn feel more thin than before the pregnancy has, no wonder from the garbage cans to pick out the clothes are wearing so beautiful! (Of course it’s all big)

June was still full when he was pregnant.

Two months postpartum thin to be thinner than before not pregnant!
Postpartum speed change mermaid figure do it!

June revealed that she has her own sports plans, every week Three days to do running aerobics, and other interspersed three days of plastic movement, the Special Private teaching guide. June before the private fitness trainer called Yun Guanqiu, lake rumors all the goddess in the star of your body is in her build, and later, many stars to find her training. Even in the end, it attracted the president of South Korea. Yes, now the June former personal trainer has been dug away by South Korea’s main Taiwan Park, where she is an executive in the blue tile, and is accompanied by a visit every time she goes abroad. It seems that whether it is June or thousand song Yi, thin body to rely on the legs. There is also a point: the star postpartum thin body is really not rely on talent, also rely on perseverance Ah!

But no time to exercise? Take care of the baby! So, Flynn tell you one side of the exercise side with the baby interaction good method, should not learn to see if you want to thin!

1: Stretched back flat on the yoga mat, hands holding the baby and then repeatedly raised the fall, notice that the arm parallel to the ground at the side of the body, while the legs together up to tighten up the core muscles, repeated 10 times.

2: Put the baby on the yoga mat, hands on both sides in a flat-supported posture start. Then turn around and repeat the elbow straight, repeat 20 (the more the better).

3: The baby is still placed on the yoga mat, kneeling right hand, left leg outward straight and then tighten the abdomen to the inside, each side repeat 20 times for the better.

4: Put the baby in front of the chest and hold, the legs wide apart from the toe of the knee outward, and then squat to the lowest point, repeat 10-30 times.

5: The same baby placed in front of the chest, and then left and right to squat down, knees, legs 90 degrees, repeat 20 times.

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What you have to know about aesthetics

The heart of beauty, all people have.
The pattern embroiders the teacher needs to study esthetics knowledge, enhances the esthetic, enhances the design ability, already is the pattern embroiders the profession the consensus, before you think how to create the perfect eye-brow lip, must know to create the eye-brow lip These basic standard is what, therefore this time Esthetics Foundation is very important.

First of all, we can start with the practice line, horizontal, vertical, oblique, all kinds of direction, with a flexible, generally along the structure, plus the overall line. The pull of the line must be quickly and surely, must not grind up 1.1 points.
Then it is the type, the outline is very important, a good start is half the success.
For the tattoo, we should pay more attention to the touch, and line training. Learn to recognize and judge facial styles, and use facial style knowledge to communicate with customers. Different styles of facial lip design to practice understanding, facial three Five eyes ratio is also we need to know.
Here we speak of eyebrow, eye, and lip.
Eyebrow Department
The golden rule of the Thrush
1. Brows about in the corner of the eye extension
2. Eyebrow tail position in the corner of the eye and the diagonal of the nose
3. Eyebrow extension cord at the outer side of the pupil.

To draw eyebrows first to understand the direction of the eyebrows, eyebrows are along the eyebrow bone to grow, can put brow, eyebrow waist, eyebrow decomposition to draw.
Attention should be paid to the bone point in the upper and lower recesses of the eye socket and the eyebrow deep brow of the convex transition through the temporal bone. Eyebrows are space, not affixed to the skin, can not be painted too dead. When you draw attention to the depth of the eyebrows change, do not draw the same depth, pay attention to observation.
The eye is the most expressive place, the eye includes the eyeball and eyebrows,
So notice the distance between them; the most important thing is to catch God.
Eye structure is divided into eyes, pupil, lacrimal gland, pouch and other components.

To draw the eyes of the steps, first with a straight line to cut out the basic shape, from the turning point to draw a large light and dark relationship (bright, dark, light and light intersection line), the third step, the need for depth characterization, grasp the eyebrows of the external characteristics, synchronous depiction, the final need to unify and adjust; just look at the proportion of eyebrows;
Learn to draw good eyes for our eyeliner operation is also a great advantage oh.

Analysis of the key points of the mouth performance steps
1. The upper and lower lip of the light and shade is rich and varied, in the depiction should pay attention to the shape and source and adjust.
2. The middle of the whole lip solid, strong contrast, both sides of the virtual, weak contrast, and the corners of the mouth around the small gray surface can make the mouth softer.

Descriptive steps of lip
When we are painting our lips, we must first observe the shape of the lips of the object to be drawn, the relationship between the upper and lower lip, and the difference between different people, so we must carefully observe and think carefully before painting.
Through hand-painted exercises, we can understand where the shortcomings of our daily design are, because the inadequacy of hand-painted is the inadequacy of your own design.
The same portrait, each person to draw out the feeling is not the same, everyone’s understanding of the United States is not the same, the focus of the aesthetic art of heraldry is not to draw more exquisite works, but through the painting experience aesthetic feeling.
Aesthetics is only auxiliary
Help us to catch the customer’s charm in a short time
It is the ultimate goal to design expressive works in the pattern embroidery.

Let’s enjoy a piece of Gao Yi Teacher’s work!

Articles, pictures from the network, for free learning to use, only on behalf of the author’s personal idea at that time, if not suitable, please contact us, thank you for your support.

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Adverse effects and complications


Safety cartridge needle for Nouveau Contour machine

As with tattoos, permanent makeup may have complications, such as allergies to the pigments, formation of scars, granulomas and keloids, skin cracking, peeling, blistering and local infection.[8] The use of unsterilized tattooing instruments may infect the patient with serious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. Removal problems may also ensue, due to patient dissatisfaction or regret, and they may be particularly difficult to remove in places such as eyelids and lips without leaving permanent sequelae. Compliance with ‘standard precautions’ and a uniform code of safe practice should be insisted upon by a person considering undergoing a cosmetic tattoo procedure.[9][10]

It is essential that technicians use appropriate personal protective equipment to protect the health of the technician and the client particularly in the prevention of transmission of blood borne pathogens.

On very rare occasions, people with permanent makeup have reported swelling or burning in the affected areas when they underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However a detailed review of the cases within the medical literature involving cosmetic tattoos indicates that poor quality pigments, pigments adulterated with heavy metals, and pigments with diametric magnetic properties may have been the causative factors in most of those cases.

Topical anaesthetics are often used by technicians prior to Cosmetic Tattooing and there is the potential for adverse effects if topical anaesthetics are not used safely, in 2013 the International Industry association published a detailed position and general safety precautions for the entire industry.

The causes of a change of colour after cosmetic tattooing are both complex and varied. As discussed in the detailed industry article “Why Do Cosmetic Tattoos Change Colour”, primarily there are four main areas that have influence over the potential for a cosmetic tattoo to change colour;

1) Factors related to the pigment characteristics
2) Factors related to the methods and techniques of the tattooist
3) Factors intrinsic to the client
4) Factors related to the client’s environment and medicines

Technicians need to have a comprehensive understanding of these influences to achieve more predictable outcomes for their clients.

The traditional pattern of eyebrow is too old for a semi permanent makeup effect natural fashion
The traditional pattern of eyebrow is too old for a semi permanent makeup effect natural fashion
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Removal of Permanent Makeup

Red lip tooth white Ying Run Jiaoyan
Red lip tooth white Ying Run Jiaoyan
Red lip tooth white

semi permanent makeup

As with tattoos, permanent makeup can be difficult to remove. Common techniques used for this are laser resurfacing, dermabrasion (physical or chemical exfoliation), and surgical removal. Camouflaging—adding a new pigment which counteracts the tattoo color and attempts to emulate normal skin color is considered a poor choice by professionals. Removal is more painful and laborious than the tattooing itself.

The choice to get a tattoo that is later regretted is related to the end-of-history illusion, in which teenagers and adults of all ages know that their tastes and preferred fashion and makeup styles have changed regularly over the years before the current moment, but they believe that their tastes will somehow not continue to grow and mature in the future.

Custom Personal Label Microblading Blades
Custom Personal Label Microblading Blades
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Tattoos & Permanent Makeup: Fact Sheet

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow
What is Permanent makeup?
What is Permanent makeup?

Consumers, manufacturers, tattoo artists, and health care providers may have questions on tattoos, permanent makeup, temporary tattoos, and henna (mehndi). Here is safety and regulatory information on these products.

Safety and Regulatory Background

FDA considers the inks used in intradermal tattoos, including permanent makeup, to be cosmetics. When we identify a safety problem associated with a cosmetic, including a tattoo ink, we investigate and take action, as appropriate, to prevent consumer illness or injury. The pigments used in the inks are color additives, which are subject to premarket approval under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. However, because of other competing public health priorities and a previous lack of evidence of safety problems specifically associated with these pigments, FDA traditionally has not exercised regulatory authority for color additives on the pigments used in tattoo inks. The actual practice of tattooing is regulated by local jurisdictions.

During 2003 and 2004, FDA became aware of more than 150 reports of adverse reactions in consumers to certain permanent makeup ink shades, and it is possible that the actual number of women affected was greater. The inks associated with this outbreak were voluntarily recalled by the company that marketed them in 2004. In the spring of 2012, we received reports of infections from contaminated inks, resulting in their recall and market withdrawal. In addition, concerns raised by the scientific community regarding the pigments used in tattoo inks have prompted FDA to investigate their safe use. FDA continues to evaluate the extent and severity of adverse events associated with tattooing and is conducting research on tattoo inks. As new information is assessed, we will consider whether additional actions are necessary to protect public health.

In addition to the reported adverse reactions, areas of concern include tattoo removal, infections that result from tattooing, and the increasing variety of pigments and diluents being used in tattooing. More than fifty different pigments and shades are in use, and the list continues to grow. Although a number of color additives are approved for use in cosmetics, none is approved for injection into the skin. Using an unapproved color additive in a tattoo ink makes the ink adulterated. Many pigments used in tattoo inks are not approved for skin contact at all. Some are industrial grade colors that are suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.

Nevertheless, many individuals choose to undergo tattooing in its various forms. For some, it is an aesthetic choice or an initiation rite. Some choose permanent makeup as a time saver or because they have physical difficulty applying regular, temporary makeup. For others, tattooing is an adjunct to reconstructive surgery, particularly of the face or breast, to simulate natural pigmentation. People who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia (a form of hair loss) may choose to have “eyebrows” tattooed on, while people with vitiligo (a lack of pigmentation in areas of the skin) may try tattooing to help camouflage the condition.

Whatever their reason, consumers should be aware of the risks involved in order to make an informed decision.

Risks Involved in Tattooing

The following are the primary complications that can result from tattooing:

  • Infection. Unsterile tattooing equipment and needles can transmit infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, and skin infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus (“staph”) and other bacteria*. Tattoos received at facilities not regulated by your state or at facilities that use unsterile equipment (or re-use ink) may prevent you from being accepted as a blood or plasma donor for twelve months. Infections also have resulted from contaminated tattoo inks, even when the tattoo artist has followed hygienic procedures. These infections can require prolonged treatment with antibiotics.
  • Removal problems. Despite advances in laser technology, removing a tattoo is a painstaking process, usually involving several treatments and considerable expense. Complete removal without scarring may be impossible.
  • Allergic reactions. Although FDA has received reports of numerous adverse reactions associated with certain shades of ink in permanent makeup, marketed by a particular manufacturer, reports of allergic reactions to tattoo pigments have been rare. However, when they happen they may be particularly troublesome because the pigments can be hard to remove. Occasionally, people may develop an allergic reaction to tattoos they have had for years.
  • Granulomas. These are nodules that may form around material that the body perceives as foreign, such as particles of tattoo pigment.
  • Keloid formation. If you are prone to developing keloids — scars that grow beyond normal boundaries — you are at risk of keloid formation from a tattoo. Keloids may form any time you injure or traumatize your skin. Micropigmentation: State of the Art, a book written by Charles Zwerling, M.D., Annette Walker, R.N., and Norman Goldstein, M.D., states that keloids occur more frequently as a consequence of tattoo removal.
  • MRI complications. There have been reports of people with tattoos or permanent makeup who experienced swelling or burning in the affected areas when they underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This seems to occur only rarely and apparently without lasting effects.There have also been reports of tattoo pigments interfering with the quality of the MRI image. This seems to occur mainly when a person with permanent eyeliner undergoes MRI of the eyes. However, the risks of avoiding an MRI when your doctor has recommended one are likely to be much greater than the risks of complications from an interaction between the MRI and tattoo or permanent makeup. Instead of avoiding an MRI, individuals who have tattoos or permanent makeup should inform the radiologist or technician.

A Common Problem: Dissatisfaction

A common problem that may develop with tattoos is the desire to remove them. Removing tattoos and permanent makeup can be very difficult.

Although tattoos may be satisfactory at first, they sometimes fade. Also, if the tattooist injects the pigments too deeply into the skin, the pigments may migrate beyond the original sites, resulting in a blurred appearance.

Another cause of dissatisfaction is that the human body changes over time, and styles change with the season. The permanent makeup that may have looked flattering when first injected may later clash with changing skin tones and facial or body contours. People who plan to have facial cosmetic surgery are advised that the appearance of their permanent makeup may become distorted. The tattoo that seem stylish at the time may become dated and embarrassing later on. And changing tattoos or permanent makeup is not as easy as changing your mind.

Consult your healthcare provider about the best removal techniques for you.

—–from network

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The advent of electronic tattoo, can always switch pattern-Handsome!

electronic tattoo

” Before we introduce the tattoo machine, but it is not what the high tech on black technology, electronic tattoo ink to introduce today, is the real black technology!!

Electronic ink tattoo,
You can always switch pattern
 electronic tattoo
This is a electronic tattoo controlled by intelligent mobile phone Bluetooth link, it can not only change the tattoo pattern, display important information, but also let the tattoo Not the least trace was found. disappear.

Even can move the pattern
 electronic tattoo
Not only can be used for tattoo, but can be used for the replacement of some mobile phone screens, you can take it as a liquid crystal display device to use. In fact, this principle is not complicated, the use of electronic tattoo is a kind of digital ink…

You can display a variety of health indicators in your running
 electronic tattoo
This is from the subcutaneous digital ink technology is developing Emerge Labs laboratory. This is a revolutionary technology, if the academic point, we call “subcutaneous bistable double pigment ink system”. (the above text only to pretend to use ~).
 electronic tattoo
If said simply, this is actually a combination of electronic ink, equivalent to ordinary tattoos and electronic ink screen technology. The electronic ink particles implanted in the skin below the tiny, these particles can penetrate the skin color will appear, so as to establish a similar display area of the liquid crystal display.
 electronic tattoo
You can link the iPhone mobile phone via Bluetooth or other intelligent devices to control the subcutaneous electronic ink display.
To see this revolutionary Electronic Ink Tattoo technology introduces the video:
In addition, before the development of electronic ink, dynamic image to be displayed on the display, you need to have a constant current. However, characteristics of electronic ink technology is that it only needs to display an image change when the consumption of energy, once the image is displayed after the current need not, at this time there is no difference between ordinary and tattoo. To create such a tattoo like electronic ink screen on the skin, it consumes very little power, the future of complete biological electricity within the body of nature can drive!

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About your Tattoo

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

The high price of the tattoo, why is it so expensive?
1.  tattoo of professional, technical level of tattoo division are key determinants of price.
The pursuit of the division of each eyebrow tattoo demanding line angle, radian and texture, in order to make their hair color more in line with your skin, they want to color milk complicated multiple deployment. (a more than 3 years of experience in the occupation tattoo division, exercise at least one million eyebrow lines)
2.  milk color tool
The tattoo instrument the color of milk, will directly affect the effect of tattoo. In order to achieve better results, natural to use more expensive products. Professional tattoo division, in order to maintain the best selling effect, will not easily change pigment.
3. other costs
My teacher in order to make the work more quality, she put the cost of learning how much? The cost of training? Exercise cost? Occupation disease operation leads to perennial bow? One minute on the stage takes ten years, each one behind the seemingly glamorous profession, are countless people silently shed countless sweat.
This shot is so light, it is so heavy. It might only tattoo division to understand.
tattoo price
More: Nouveau Contour permanent makeup digital permanent makeup machine

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The eyeliner tattoo a set for life?

The tattoo a set for life

Note the tattoo, pay attention to strict disinfection, avoid postoperative infection; unless the pattern is not ideal, even more ugly, otherwise do not easily modify.

Because the tattoo is “a lifelong”, therefore net Suggestions, to grasp the following points:
It should pay attention to choose the pigment, mainly according to the color and love, basically is the same with hair color pigment; if the color is white, should choose coffee; if the color black, black should be chosen.

The tattoo a set for life
We should pay attention to strict disinfection, avoid postoperative infection; unless the pattern is not ideal, even more ugly, otherwise do not easily modify.
There are acute and chronic inflammation in the eye, recently had eye surgery, eye tears, allergic physique, physical scars, mental strain situation, it is best not to tattoo.
The tattoo a set for life
The part of the people in the tattoo after 5-8 days, local decrustation and bleaching, the general use of color to make up. On the part of the uneven color, in light color. For the complementary time in 2 weeks.
The tattoo is only suitable for every day make-up people. If only the eye is outstanding, and the other parts of the face without makeup, there is a sense of imbalance, that is not beautiful.

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The convenience and beauty in the tattoo

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

The famous Dr. Sun Enling share the tattoo

On the liner expanding eye effect is obvious under the eye liner eye position is low and sweet feeling; small eyes only tattoo, eyeliner, eye liner would look smaller full grain; round eye liner should have to add the slender grain length curve, make the eyes appear wider; long narrow eyes should be some deep thick eyeliner patterns have to, in order to add curve radian, weaknesses, shortcomings conceal.
In the eyes of commuters, tattoo is a more convenient way, they often say: convenient, tattoo is very necessary!


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