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Line eyebrow or mist eyebrow? What’s the choice?

A friend, want to do eyebrows, do not know to do fog eyebrow good, or line eyebrow good, run to ask me, in fact, her original eyebrows is this appearance.

Eyebrows sparse, very light, not formed eyebrows hey …
As long as she did the eyebrows, the value of the Yan will definitely improve a lot.
Should she choose a mist eyebrow or a line eyebrow?
Let’s see the difference between a mist eyebrow and a line eyebrow.
Mist Eyebrow
Features: Flaky, with a slight color transition, like the eyebrow powder swept the Feeling
Popular crowd: More popular with young people.
History: The first is the eyebrow tattoo era of the flaky eyebrow, once because of the poor effect was abandoned. In recent years, with the addition of color transition and the use of new color materials, the rise.
Well done: color transition nature, like the makeup of the same.
Bad: too strong like crayon small new, too light no color.
If you are a love fashion, the trend of the full taste of MM, but your eyebrows light, messy trivial, double eyebrow shape inconsistent. Eyebrow-shaped too meticulous, like sports but not makeup, or spend a lot of time makeup still can not get satisfactory results; then you can choose mist Eyebrow.
       Simulation Eyebrow (line eyebrow)
Features: A root, a clear fuzz, like the real eyebrows
Popular crowd: The most people choose to do this kind of pattern embroidery.
History: The simulation eyebrow from the age of embroidered eyebrow began to appear, from the beginning of the single layer of stiff lines to today’s multi-layer soft simulation of the line, experienced more than 10 years of time evolution.
Done: silk fluff with real eyebrows, half a meter might distinguish true and false.
Do bad: The line is stiff without layering, unreal.
The development of modern eyebrow tattoo technology, has been not only limited to the line eyebrow or fog eyebrow, experienced pattern Embroidery Division , according to the customer’s eyebrows, select the line plus fog with the overall design.
So mist eyebrow + line eyebrow = most natural
Line + Fog:
A root line instead of real hair, fog instead of small fluff to increase the hazy feeling, the overall look soft and lifelike, visually closest to the natural growth of eyebrows.
See so many eyebrows believe that you have a certain understanding of the mind, quickly and the tattoo to do a good job for their ownembroidered bar!
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Man, the importance of eyebrows to men.

Eyebrows position in the upper and middle part of the face, and the nose together constitute the basic structure of the face, so a good eyebrow shape is very important. For men, the hairs that determine their appearance are eyebrows, except hair and beard. Eyebrow shape can be said that the whole face of the boy’s pen, eyebrow shape of good or bad determines the overall temperament of men. Two straight good eyebrow shape will definitely add points for men’s charm, and overgrown eyebrows will make people feel disorderly.

The ancient definition of eyebrows
The man
The old saying has the cloud: “Eyebrow is the canopy of two eyes, actually is a dignity, is the sun and Moon’s Ying-wa, the Master Yin Encounters of discern.”
Men in ancient times with a man thick beauty for the United States, because only men are thick, so men are the man’s surrogate. In the dream of red mansions, there are also the words “I am a woman, honest and sincere.”
Eyebrows and health
“Yellow Emperor Nei Jing” There is a cloud: “Meimei, the foot of the sun, the pulse of more blood, bad eyebrows, blood and less.”
Thus, eyebrows long thick, thick, moist, embodies the blood gas exuberant, the opposite, short, thin, withered eyebrows, then reflects the inadequacy of qi and blood.
Eyebrows and movement potential
Chinese traditional physiognomy, hairline to eyebrow bone is heaven, the Master of Heaven is the eyebrows, it represents a person’s career, luck.
Although seemingly superstitious, but the shape of the eyebrows, thickness, loss and so on does affect the width of the face, and then affect the intuitive impression of others.
When a man has no eyebrows, or a change of eyebrows?
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tried to determine whether it is the eyes or eyebrows that face a familiar face that can cause more recognition problems.
It turns out that if you don’t have eyebrows, you make familiar faces more difficult to identify. If the change is not suitable for the shape of the eyebrow shape, the whole person’s temperament will be completely overturned! So the eyebrows really wife important!
Aware of the importance of eyebrows, then in daily life should be more care for eyebrows, even men, but also to repair good eyebrows.
For the thick and messy eyebrows of the men, you can use tweezers to remove extra stray hair, trim the shape of the eyebrows, can also be used to repair the eyebrow wax, remove the extra eyebrows and then use tweezers to pull off the individual eyebrow.
For men with sparse eyebrows , try half permanent makeup to make the right eyebrows. Semi-Permanent makeup is a brand-new technology, it is different from a lifetime of the tattoo can not be removed, in a certain time may disappear naturally. Pure natural plant pigments are deposited only between the epidermis and the granular layer, without any allergic reactions. After 2-3 years of fading, you can change the shape, color and eyebrow shape again, which is a good choice for many men who have no time to thrush.

(This little brother has a good hair.)

Not only for women, but also for men’s eyebrows are very important.
Articles, pictures from the network, for free learning to use, only on behalf of the author’s personal idea at the time, if not suitable, please email us, thank you for your support.
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Embroider want to do well, complementary to patience.

Complementary color is a long-standing problem, because each person’s skin of six colors of Chengdu, it is difficult to color the first time to do “one”, therefore, the real play or complementary color.

Complementary colors is a pattern embroidered The problem, because each person’s skin six color Chengdu is different, it is difficult to color the first time to do “one”, therefore, the real play is to paint the complementary color.

Although the complementary color seems very troublesome. In fact, complementary colors are a more secure approach. This pattern Embroidery Division can master the different color of each person, and then according to each person’s ability to stay color, will be stable.Therefore, mm in complementary colors can not be too anxious.
The current half permanent fixed makeup although popular, but still a large number of customers are not clear traditional embroidery and semi-permanent fixed makeup . Before the tattoo, the price is around three hundred or four hundred, but also can be maintained for a long time, the price is really very cost-effective. And now make a half permanent fixed makeup eyebrow, less than thousands of million, but only to maintain 2-3 years, too uneconomical. In fact, the idea is wrong, the eyebrows reversible is safe, if always like tattoo . Not only is it difficult to change color, after the popular is also more awkward. The traditional eyebrow tattoo can only be cleared by washing eyebrow, which adds to the pain unnecessarily.
(Left: Traditional tattoo, right: Modern pattern Embroidery)
Complementary colors can not be scrambled, there are many mm because of its own eyebrows sparse, do the eyebrows just over the end of the scab, the color of the feeling of light and did not do the same, so find the pattern embroidery Division theory. However, many teachers feel helpless is that many mm even do not know “return color period”, “return to color period” is the eyebrows do, a part of the pigment will fall with the scabs, another part of the pigment began to emerge slowly skin surface, this time eyebrow will be more and more deep. If the “return to color” before the end of the complementary colors, it is likely to face a new color + old color situation, become a “crayon small new.”
Of course, according to each person’s situation is different, as well as each of the Pattern embroidery division, eyebrow color too light is also possible. The pattern embroiders the teacher to follow “Ning shallow not deep, ning short don’t long, rather narrow not wide” principle, plus each person’s skin absorption and excretion of the ability of different, “Back color period” is indeed over, and then the color too shallow words, or to timely complementary, some people’s skin condition is not good, even many times to repair.
In short, the complementary colors do not worry, or to be patient to see their skin status Oh.
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Talking about 10 types of eyes, how to embroider eyeliner

Double eyelid, single eyelid, big eyes, small eyes, so many types, how according to this feature to embroider their own eyes line? Let Asian jacquard embroidered network embroidered teacher tell you!

1, double eyelid eye line from the inside from thin to thick, the lines to the tail to pick up, forming an angle. The width of the eye line is 2.5 mm, the lower liner from the inside from the thin to thick, the thickness difference is not large, the thickest is 0.8 mm. The line is 1/3 slightly downward 0.5 mm from the tail.

2, single eyelid eyeliner and double eyelid eyeliner are basically the same, but the eye line slightly wider, the end of the eye line to stir outside.

3, small eyes eyeliner should be slightly thicker, the starting part should exceed the tear point, the tail slightly more than the outer canthus angle and upward flat out, so that the eyes can be significantly larger.

4, big eyes eyeliner up and down not too thick, neat and delicate, from the inside from the tear point outside the angle of the outer canthus upward flat out, tail slightly outside the tilt.

5, hanging eye eyeliner eyes of the outside side of the line of micro-downward, the tail do not tilt. Under the eyeliner 1/3 position below, can be located in the eyelash root or slightly below the eyelash root, the tail can be slightly wider, its width can be up to 1 millimeters.

6, drooping eyes of the eyeliner inside and outside the eye liner more than tears, eyes in the corner of the Canthus to Sharp, the outside 1/3 to the tail, slightly wider, under the eyeliner always in the gray line lashes between the root thorn. The tail is stirred above, causing the sensation of the slanting hyacinth.

7, slender eyes eyeliner up and down the central part of the liner can be suitably coarse, resulting in the illusion of shorter lines of the eye.

8, round eyes eyeliner up and down in the tail of the appropriate extension outside, then the eyes appear slender.

9, swollen eyes eyeliner the whole eye line to be thicker, within the angle of the canthus gradually widened, in the distance from the outer canthus angle of 2 mm to glazing pick, forming a clear fracture line, under the eyeliner to thin.

10, the eyes of the sunken eye liner should be fine, under the eyeliner outside the canthus angle slightly fine.

Want to have such a profound skill, we can help you with Asian Jacquard embroidery network, through the tattoo training to enable you to upgrade from technology, high price, we are willing to help you grow!

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Draw the ideal eyebrows, Never miss the thrush skills!

Now is not popular tattoo
Now is not popular tattoo
Now is not popular tattoo

If you are not the blind pursuit of fashion, must draw nowadays compaction Ping Mei, but only want to find the most suitable for their own eyebrows, with his facial proportions eyebrow drawing, so small and was going to tell you is infinite for eyebrow teaching.
How to choose the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow thrush thrush hair before? What should be noticed, look carefully!

We find a professional eyebrow
Please go to beauty salons to repair at least once! Store cosmetics counters have eyebrow services, it is difficult to make the first eyebrow for their own eyebrow and ideal, so this time, or to the professional. After the repair once can be repaired in accordance with the eyebrow, his story out of the new long hair can be complex.

Before the first eyebrow thrush, neatly combed
The thrush before, must first be neatly combed eyebrows with eyebrow brush. In addition to this action can make the eyebrow painting better, also have the effect of hyperplasia of the eyebrows! If you have trouble if sparse eyebrows, eyebrow comb that this action, maybe you can see the amazing effect.
Draw natural eyebrows what tools?
Choose close to the color of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow, try a slightly lighter than the hair color.
The eyebrows is sparse for people with a pencil, draw eyebrow and gently fill sparse parts of eyebrow, do not remember the whole eyebrow painting, to avoid the formation of natural eyebrow. Who is suitable for thick eyebrows eyebrow. Draw natural eyebrow essentials is gently swept, filled with the way, write too heavy if it is easy to cause uneven eyebrow oh!

Simple thrush tips

1, the first residue in the brow wipe off excess Foundation
At Thrushcross before, put on makeup in the eyebrows excess foundation sponged off. This can increase the adhesion of eyebrow makeup, better.

2, avoid cut off or unplug too much
The procedure must be carried out after the end of makeup, Makeup Eyebrow will trim the eyebrows too imperceptibly.
3, the correct position of the eyebrows
The face features are the proportion of eyebrows if by feeling painting, not taking into account other features configuration, naturally not coordinated. The best position to start with a straight eyebrows should be parallel with the nose.

4,The correct position of 4, the highest point of the eyebrows

If you want to draw the eyebrow is normal (now popular Ping Mei not included), "location on the nose and eye edge connection.

5,The correct position 5, the end of the eyebrows

The end of eye and mouth line, on the up position is the eyebrow tail. After painting eyebrows will eyebrow pencil in the face of gestures, it is easy to find out their own perfect proportion.

6, check the lines below the eyebrow above, with eyebrow brush with halo

To draw natural eyebrows, first at the top of the line type thrush thrush, the following can be as long as gently dizzy!

Professional Shading pen for eyebrow microblading shading
Professional Shading pen for eyebrow microblading shading
Professional Shading pen for eyebrow microblading shading
Professional Shading pen for eyebrow microblading shading
3 Rounds Needles for Fog Eyebrow Tattoo and shading microblading x 100pcs
3 Rounds Needles for Fog Eyebrow Tattoo and shading microblading x 100pcs
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The eyeliner tattoo a set for life?

The tattoo a set for life

Note the tattoo, pay attention to strict disinfection, avoid postoperative infection; unless the pattern is not ideal, even more ugly, otherwise do not easily modify.

Because the tattoo is “a lifelong”, therefore net Suggestions, to grasp the following points:
It should pay attention to choose the pigment, mainly according to the color and love, basically is the same with hair color pigment; if the color is white, should choose coffee; if the color black, black should be chosen.

The tattoo a set for life
We should pay attention to strict disinfection, avoid postoperative infection; unless the pattern is not ideal, even more ugly, otherwise do not easily modify.
There are acute and chronic inflammation in the eye, recently had eye surgery, eye tears, allergic physique, physical scars, mental strain situation, it is best not to tattoo.
The tattoo a set for life
The part of the people in the tattoo after 5-8 days, local decrustation and bleaching, the general use of color to make up. On the part of the uneven color, in light color. For the complementary time in 2 weeks.
The tattoo is only suitable for every day make-up people. If only the eye is outstanding, and the other parts of the face without makeup, there is a sense of imbalance, that is not beautiful.

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The convenience and beauty in the tattoo

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

The famous Dr. Sun Enling share the tattoo

On the liner expanding eye effect is obvious under the eye liner eye position is low and sweet feeling; small eyes only tattoo, eyeliner, eye liner would look smaller full grain; round eye liner should have to add the slender grain length curve, make the eyes appear wider; long narrow eyes should be some deep thick eyeliner patterns have to, in order to add curve radian, weaknesses, shortcomings conceal.
In the eyes of commuters, tattoo is a more convenient way, they often say: convenient, tattoo is very necessary!


More Manual tattoo pen|Microblading pen

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What is the principle of the eyeline tattoo?

The historical origin of the floating eyebrow

On the liner near the inner canthus angle slightly thin, central tail gradually widened to bold paropia after slightly elongated pouty, appear more youthful and lively……

1. The liner should be tattooed on the eyelashes or slightly lateral; under the eye liner should be tattooed on the inside of eyelashes. This can seem natural and graceful.
2.  for blepharophimosis, generally do not advocate the eyeliner Eyeliner lines will be too close to the eyelid eyelashes, otherwise wrinkles can make eyes more narrow, aesthetic effect.
3.  the tattoo should adopt black dye, were to follow the “narrow not wide, shallow Ning Ning, not deep to moderate” principle.
The upper and lower Eyeliner The inner lines of fine light, and lateral lines to shoot should be thick, generally speaking, on the liner width, thickness ratio should be in the appropriate 7:3. The eye must type, the operation of the age, occupation, temperament, hobbies and other factors on the basis of flexible adjustment. On request: Pierce method for little, other steps with tattoo technique. The tattoo on the eyeliner in general on the eyelash root lines to a thin line, such as the need to widen to the outside of the eyelashes. The liner is in the pattern of the eyelash root first grain a filament, such as the need to widen is widening to the inner surface of the white eyelashes.
net Said on the liner near the inner canthus angle slightly thin, central tail gradually widened to bold paropia after slightly elongated pouty, appear more youthful and lively; under the eye liner should be thin, eye end a little wider. Tattoo When the patients were told by the eyes closed, can reduce pain and terror, and remind the tattoo when don’t hand close to the eyes or suddenly looked up and move, so as to avoid injury of the eye. The tattoo to see tiny beads of blood should not fade can wipe with a cotton ball. After some antibiotic eye drops, with antibiotic ointment, 1 weeks after decrustation, according to the situation and then fill a pattern.

Permanent Makeup Safety Advice
Permanent Makeup Safety Advice
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Now is not popular tattoo?

Now is not popular tattoo

The tattoo is popular? Watery eyes and clever eyes skin is a necessary condition for beauty, you are still a cumbersome eyeliner and eye liner to enhance the eye charm? Now quickly get rid of them, the tattoo is nowadays are popular, you can make your eyes more charm, let’s listen to A How to say.

Now is not popular tattoo
popular tattoo

Tattoo Is a beautiful way to add the most popular now, it is with the tattoo machines to paint plant dye in the skin tissue, the formation of long-term does not fade eyeliner. The tattoo can make your eyes full of power, it is not the lack of life. The tattoo is very necessary, because it has a lot of advantages, first look at the tattoo modification, the age is light, often makeup, Eyeliner form thick and deep, crispening and vigorous, very active.

 popular tattoo
popular tattoo

A lot of it for the United States, were all able to obtain good eye liner eye effect, like big eyes, double eyelids, eye liner will make the eyes more bright; few eyelash friends in their lines can make the eye appears bright; small eyes, eyelid, lines can widen eye crack effect; double eyelid is too wide, visually shorten the upper eyelid width of double eyelid.
Acquired through hard work and maintenance can make themselves more beautiful and confident, the beauty of the heart, the person all has the pursuit of beauty, there are also many ways, most can achieve this effect, but the most important thing is: “perfect themselves, I am confident”!

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The eyebrow tattoo for those people?

lovbeauty medical tattoo artist

Although you can add their own tattoo Wei a beauty, but you have a thought, the tattoo is suitable for me? What is the taboo tattoo. ? A pattern set for life, in order to be prudent, we still see What is the right view.

1) adapt to the crowd
The sparse eyelashes pale, eyes dark, eyelid atheist.
The eyelid or eye abnormalities.
The double eyelid surgery is too wide, not long-term recovery.
The pouch surgery, the lower eyelid is too wide.
The personal hobby and occupation requirements.

2) taboo Crowd
The suffering from eye diseases, such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis, stye.
The long-term wear contact lenses.
The lower eyelid blepharoplasty after severe valgus.
The single eyelids or upper eyelid relaxation, not on the line, but can be operated in double eyelid surgery.
Some of the reasons causing proptosis was.
The abnormal mental state or to the recipients with.
The menstruation and pregnancy women.
The allergic constitution and physical scars or other operation intolerant systemic diseases, such as diabetes and serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Professional for the slimest eyebrow line
0.18mm 9pins Microblading Needle for 3D eyebrow tattoo

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