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Auxiliary colors Microblading pigment for permanent makeup

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Pearl White

Classification and Description

1.Dark colors, including the corresponding deep coffee, black coffee, black coffee. Mainly aimed at

the eyebrow hair itself to compare the heavy customer; Customers with darker skin; Hair color is

more deep.

2.Medium color class, contains the corresponding chocolate in the market, medium coffee. Mainly for

the eyebrow hair itself color non – dense customers; Fair-skinned customers; Customers with lighter

hair color, who seek to restore their natural color after recovery; Customers of all ages;

3.Light colors, including the market counterpart, light coffee, grey coffee, brown coffee. It is

mainly aimed at the sparse customers of the eyebrow hair itself; A fair-haired, fair-skinned

customer; The pursuit of light customers;

4.All the coffee colors can be used arbitrarily, for the lack of rich experience and color materials

to know less about the tattoo artist, some color can be used directly.

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Disposable Make Up Eyebrow Tattoo Pens

Disposable Holder Disposable Microblading Pen Disposable Manual Tattoo Pen Disposable Embroidery Pen

C9/C12/C14/U18 Tool-Disposable Holder With Environmental Sponge Microblading Tools Disposable Make Up Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Detailed Product Description:
Item Name: Modern And Ergonomic Design Disposable Pen – C9/C12/C14/U18 Feature: Disposable
Style: Ergonomics Design Material: Environmentally Friendly Plastic
Color: White/black Sterilized:: EO Gas Sterilized
Packaging: Blister Packing Sponge: Yes

Features:  1000PCS with your label !!

1) Do not need the power when doing tattoo beauty operation;

2) Single use, have 9C,12C,18U pin blade;

3) The eyebrow handmade tattoo pen is used with the paste pigment (in different color choices);

4) The eyebrow handmade tattoo pen is easy to cope with and not easy to damage;

5) Operate more easily freehand brushwork;

6) Factory direct supply;OEM/ODM provided.


Material: Environmental plastic and sponge

Package: Each one in a individual blister package

Sterilization: EO GAS

The design of the pen is based on human mechanics, so it is very comfortable for all artists to

microblading the fine line of eyebrow. At the top of the pen, the environmental sponge is attached

so that the artists can use it to clean the pigment.

This pen also can hold C9/C12/C14/U18  microblading needles. If you need these needles to be with the

Disposable Make Up Eyebrow permanent tattoo pen Microblading EO Gas sterilized
Disposable Make Up Eyebrow permanent tattoo pen Microblading EO Gas sterilized