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Tattoo lip bleach, safety more rest assured

beauty eyebrow

Tattoo lip bleach, safety more rest assured.The lips are the most active part of the face. A beautiful lip shape plays a very important role in the beautification of the whole facial features.No matter how bad the color is, as long as a bit of color beautiful lipstick, the whole person immediately shine up!In ancient China, the poem “a little peach blossom on lips” was used to describe the beauty of women after applying lip gloss.But many women suffer from the agony of wearing a mask, drinking a glass of water and eating a snackThe lipstick on the lips is a mess, and the refined makeup on the face loses its luster.

In the face of makeup removal, many people deliberately open their mouths when eating, so that the food does not touch the lips, resulting in a loss of grace;Also have a few ladies to reduce the annoyance that labial red takes off at any time, choose the kind of so called not easy decolorization lipstick, do not know this kind of lipstick often is doped with the chemical composition such as lead and tar, after besmear can drink, eat and swallow, long can produce bad effect to liver, kidney.So now many women who love beauty are choosing another kind of healthy, scientific and simple lip surgery – tattoo lip bleaching.

The principle of the lip bleaching and eyebrow embroidery is the same. It is based on the natural lip color, and the artificial pigment is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by the machine to form a new stable lip color through the blending of the two colors.

Some people may have a mistrust of tattoo-lip bleaching, believing that such treatment can harm the skin on the surface, making the lips swollen or even painful.That’s not the case.Bleaching is a much younger beauty technique than tattooing.The material used is pure phytotrophic protein pigment extracted from plants. It is a kind of green pigment, which has little damage to human skin and is more even and stable than chemical pigment after implantation.

Moreover, tattoo bleaching lip is colored with soft patch method, which is mild, that is, no anesthesia is required. The natural paste pigment is drawn under the lip epidermis with embroidery eyebrow pencil, which is deeply penetrated by soft patch method.Therefore, technically speaking, the lips are relatively mature.It’s just that there are very few people who suffer from skin allergies.

The advantage of tattoo lip bleaching is that it can save the trouble of applying lipstick every day, and the red lip after bleaching will not be faded because of swimming, eating and other problems.By bleaching lips, you can not only put on the permanent lipstick, but also outline the permanent lip line, so as to solve the trouble of repeatedly modifying the lips every day, and make the beautiful lips last forever.Many women worry about the pain of lip bleaching, but the development of modern technology has made the process of bleaching almost painless.After also won’t appear before the lip red swelling pain phenomenon, a week after the natural scab.Show natural charm and elegant demeanor.

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Handshaken don’t be afraid, just draw eyeliner!


Handshaken don’t be afraid, just draw eyeliner!

Torgovnik handshaken star painted eyeliner can’t see
Or crooked, but also iridenscent
Or about never painted Eyeliner asymmetry
It’s rather hot eyes


In fact, want not spicy eyes is very simple
Recommend you try
Handshaken star and lazy cancer patients Gospel
Cosmetic contact lenses line

Cosmetic contact lenses line, is tattooed on the upper eyelid and eyelash position
In the visual can enlarge the pupil,
As a cosmetic contact lenses.
Let your eyes blingbling
Many dead men of God so easy
From the dull eyes to the magic eye beauty
Just add a line you have to do

After doing cosmetic contact lenses line, large eyes, more of God. The most important thing is not every day wearing eyeliner, can sleep beauty sleep. If the way to do the eyebrows, eyebrows are not painted. So the makeup to go out, still full of confidence, are you tempted?

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Your tattoo makeup really do money selling?

tattoo makeup

Don’t your tattoo makeup really do money selling?As my teacher, fear most is no reason to bargain. Would make no more, people want you to send this to all that believe, encounter this kind of thing everyone do not feel good.

There will always be people who think, but just painting tattoo division, not worth much money. But in fact, every Nadechushou works are the combination of tattoo master for many years with effort.
If you don’t tattoo division and what special relationship, then don’t dream that you can easily do not spend a penny to find a good teacher to give you tattoo tattoo.

tattoo makeup

In fact, there are still many teachers willing to give consumers do tattoo free embroidering. Because engineers in hand when embroidering are used in most pegamoid. Real practice is too little, of course, can not do bad ah ~ Baopei

My teacher If you want to work well, must spend a lot of time to practice or spend large sums of money please teacher to teach, not only will hope to have input, output. Just dare to do customer learning novice teacher and tattoo with a lot of training, the teacher guidance, and have rich practical experience of the tattoo division, the required price must be different. This is why most market price difference is so big reason:
Take your hand embroidering novice Division also charge you a fee.
Experienced senior tattoo match with their teachers receive investment income.
You want to become the mouse people hand? Or enjoy a perfect transformation process? Only you choose quality or money!

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Control your Beauty, control your life


Control your Beauty, control your life.Before the body is good in weight evaluation, is now to curve to measure. Then the importance of curve for women in the areas where it is:

beauty makeup
1. of health
Someone once said as you represent a healthy one, behind the zero represents your lover, child, house, car, deposit and so on, so when your health is not, so after all with you and so on healthy relationships? A woman is so important.

2. of the children
The mother is really great, you know why? Because all men are born of woman in the world. According to the online report 70% child heart diseases are from parents careless about dressing. Do not know if you have no impression, like when the meeting, we will have a choice is still called the father asked my mother to go to see my mother, is a good image or the image of a good father so only select who go, the main reason is that the parents do not want to give his disgrace, oneself also has to face so now, our children have the same idea with us.

3. for the economy
The woman is not always feel that little closet on a dress? The body is not good female friend always took the money can not buy good clothes, the clothes do not always say good-looking, not suitable for their own, but never thought about my body is not good, not good dumpling skin problem is not the problem of filling. A good figure even 30 yuan wear clothes can also wear a 100 yuan worth of 1 thousand yuan feeling, isn’t it?

4. of career
In today’s competition in all walks of life have you found a strange thing, is the image of walking in the capacity, if a salesman today, the image of a good dress, a bloated, careless about dressing would you like to talk, which? Needless to say is the first one.

5. of marriage
Men often say women from deformation change, this year, next year will be the same, although not absolute, but it really is. Many female friends for a lifetime to do three women: a day around the edge of the pan, husband, child. The husband dressed like a prince, your daughter looks like a princess, but make yourself a nanny, we can think of the prince with the nanny is not a gap. So a woman no matter how busy you are, and don’t forget to dress up oneself, let oneself become better to have something better.

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Light coffee

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Why eyebrows the better pigment the shorter the time?

eyebrow eyeliner

Why eyebrows the better microblading pigment the shorter the time?Why do the eyebrows, the shorter the time to maintain the better color? Many want to do a semi permanent eyebrow MM, heard a semi permanent makeup only 2-3 years, uncertain how to do?
Vintage tattoo only a few hundred dollars, can maintain more than 10 years. The semi permanent but thousands only last 3 years or so, this is why?

Why eyebrows the better pigment the shorter the time.

The reason is very simple
For example, food
Why do their own food on the same day to eat, eat for up to 2 days,
The supermarket sells ready-made food shelf life is very long?
Because of the added preservatives, even harmless, but it is not the original ecology!
For example, environmental protection bags
Why a paper bag breaks down after a few days away,
But the white plastic bags buried in the ground for hundreds of years will not break?
For example, micro plastic
Why ha not only expensive but also about half broken down by the body end,
While Amazingel (a disabled dangerous material for injection)
It can be for many years until the disease?
A long time is not important, safety and health is the most important!

Many experts say: keep the tattoo eyebrow over 3 years is a mistake, more than 4 years is a mistake, more than 5 years is the “crime”. Reversible is the most secure, irreversible want to change all change, it is too late to regret!

Now a regular tattoo, all using environmentally friendly materials, the body can be natural degradation. In the digestion after, also according to the popular, re modeling.

Tattoo, avoids the tedious process to spend makeup remover, a few hours a day, is the real time saving, health, fashion beauty makeup ideas and leading international technology.

Microblading pigment for permanent makeup Light coffee

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Makeup beauty Microblading Experience: Wow, eyeBrows!

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Okay, today we’re getting down to business. BROW BUSINESS, that is! As a beauty journalist and blogger, I always strive to be ahead of the curve – be it with products or new treatments. Which is why, when I read about microblading for the first time, I was all…


I’m sure you’ve heard of the newest, semi-permanent way to create perfectly shaped, filled-in brows, am I right? And if you’re sitting there thinking «ummm… that still sounds kind of permanent, Steffi… even without the semi thrown in», you’re right.

Since microblading involves scalpels, ink and a million tiny cuts on your face, the very first thing I did was… research the hell out of microblading in Switzerland. And was quite thrilled to find that one of the estheticians I’ve reviewed in the past, Olga Medved of Beautybox in Zurich, is specialized in microblading.

So I called her up, talked her ear off for a good twenty minutes about her experience with semi-permanent brow etching, reviewed a ton of before and after images of her work… and set a date for my own microblading treatment.



  • This semi-permanent brow enhancing method was created by a serbian make-up artist by the name of Branko Babic. His method seems to be one that’s quite well-established in Europe.
  • His method is based on an exact measurement of your natural brows, and then finding the golden ratio «perfect fit» for your face. The technique also features a hyper-realistic way to draw in individual brow hairs for an «extremely natural» result.
  • PhiBrows (and most other microblading techniques) are created using a tiny scalpel with multiple blades, which are then dipped into pigment before making the individual, tiny cuts into the eyebrows.
  • The pigment isn’t applied as deep into the skin as with a conventional tattoo, so this method is deemed semi-permanent. Meaning: It should last around two years, depending on skin type and how it was applied.

No matter who does the microblading, your treatment should include a follow-up appointment to correct and intensify your brows, about 4 weeks after the first one. So make sure your microblader mentions this during your consultation, okay?

At Beauty , where I’m about to get mine done, the first treatment costs roughly 490 Swiss Francs (about $450), the touch-up clocks in at another 90 to 100 Swiss Francs.

Here are my eyebrows, completely au naturel and without any make-up or pencil:

And now, we’re ready to get started!

The first microblading session will probably take around 1.5 to 2 hours. If anyone tells you it will take less time, PLEASE keep shopping around for an esthetician who will really take the time to find the perfect shape, okay?

Olga first measured my brows out and drew in the shape she’d go for. As she’s previously shaped and plucked my eyebrows, I trusted her… but still was thinking «Whoa, they’re pretty BIG, aren’t they?».

I got up and walked around with my sketched-in brows, and after looking at them in the mirror, was happy with the shape and told Olga we could get started!

With the PhiBrows method, the pigment itself contains a topical pain killer. Since I’m pretty tough (I gave birth to two babies without drugs, I can probably handle this, right?), I declined a separate application of numbing cream…

My brows took almost an hour to create, and I’m not gonna lie: The pain DID intensify towards the end, but it wasn’t that bad all in all.

Here’s what my brows looked like, immediately after treatment and with a thick layer of Vaseline on them to keep germs out…

…and here’s what I REALLY felt like, upon leaving the spa:

Evil circus director, anyone? You can imagine that it wasn’t ALL fun, walking around with my reddend, raw-feeling brows, right?

Olga assured me that most of the reddish color is due to the layer of pigment that is lying ON the skin, and will come off once the healing process starts.

Here are my brows, 24 hours post microblading:


You can already see the individual «hairs», but I’m still pretty freaked out by the intense color!

It took about a week’s healing time for my brows to scab slightly. The color decreased in intensity, too – which was quite a relief.

After four weeks, it was time for my second touch-up session. I was happy with the result so far, and so was Olga. My left brow was slightly less pigmented than the right one, so most of her touch-up happened there.

Here’s my microblading result pre-touch-up:

The second microblading treatment only lasted about 30 minutes, but I’ll admit I was kind of surprised at how often Olga went over them again.

And (here comes the bad news)… the touch-up HURT LIKE HELL. It could be because I was PMSing, but it was pretty painful, and my eyes teared up the entire time. Olga felt bad and asked if I wanted numbing cream, but I powered through.

Once again, post-touch-up, I had really intense, shiny brows for at least a week. Since you’ll be applying vaseline to them for about five days, you need to KNOW this.

And invest in a pair of oversized sunglasses.

But the final result is worth a couple of weeks of questionable brows, in my opinion!

These images are 4 weeks after my touch up, and 8 weeks after my first microblading treatment.

I’m adding this before and after picture in an even larger size, so you can zoom in and see for yourself:

It’s now been almost three months since I did my brows, and here are my thoughts on this relatively new treatment!


  • I love the shape, and it’s a total no-brainer plucking them myself now.
  • I don’t need ANY brow make-up anymore: They are literally naked now, and I’m hoping they’ll stay this pigmented for at least a year or two.
  • Even without any other make-up, I still look «done», and my defined brows give my whole face more contrast… which is important, with my pale skin and even paler blonde hair!


  • I underestimated how icky I felt during the «post-treatment»-weeks: You need to know that your brows will be slightly swollen and tender and REALLY intensely pigmented for at least 5 to 7 days… TWICE in all. I kept explaining to everyone and their cat that my brows weren’t «on purpose».
  • If you’re sensitive to pain, this isn’t going to be an easy run for you.
  • Up close, there are two tiny bits of my pigmented brows where the color seems to have pooled and blurred a bit. It’s no biggie, those spots just look as if I had applied brow pencil or powder, and you need to get REALLY close to see them… but it bugs me a bit, and isn’t the «individual hairs»-finish I had been expecting.


I’ll admit I was nervous to try microblading, but I’m glad that I did the research to find someone I trust with my eyebrows… and I’m very happy with the results.

I would definitely do this again, and am currently just hoping that my brows will eventually fade in an okay manner, and that the color won’t change. Olga, my esthetician on them, has almost three years of experience in microblading and hasn’t had any «negative» fade-out, so I’m hoping for the best.

My last tips, if you’re considering getting your brows microbladed?

DO THE RESEARCH, find someone who has lots of before and after pictures and, once you’re there, make sure that they’re working in a clean environment with sterile tools. Don’t skimp on the touch-up treatment, either (and neither should your esthetician). 

Of course, avoid any too-good-to-be-true coupon offers on something like this, and – ideally – go to someone you have a personal referral for. And I’m closing this feature with a shitload of disclaimers, darling: This is my own, personal experience with Beautybox in Zurich, Switzerland. And it may differ from yours, and I can’t claim any responsibility for other estheticians!

I hope this blog post helped shed some light on microblading, and hope you’ll be back on Hey Pretty soon for more beauty news.

Ta-taaaa… with my BITCHIN’ brows!


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time, if not suitable, please contact us, thank you for your support.

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Nine Badly Beauty Habits and you should Break Them

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It’s that time of the day: I’ve had enough coffee and I’ve ALREADY seen at least five girls today who have totally gone overboard with their makeup.

Which brings me neatly to today’s topic: Bad Beauty Habits and How To Break Them!

Because let’s be honest… we all make mistakes. Daily!

I’ve always wanted to blog about this, because we all have certain habits concerning our skincare routine that may actually be causing some damage in the long-term.

That’s why I’m selling myself as a sort of emergency beauty doc today, and am compiling nine of the most common bad beauty habits, and some ideas on how to break them. All in the name of clearer, healthier and prettier skin!

Let’s launch straight into the «worst» beauty sins, shall we?

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

I AM SPEECHLESS! But I have a number of friends who wear makeup, but hardly ever make an effort to remove it at night!

Seriously, girl… you not only ruin your pillowcase by doing this, but you’re also preventing your skin from breathing freely! Plus, your lashes are way more prone to breakage, because they’re stiffer than in their natural state and rubbin mascara-ed lashes can actually cause them to break. So please, please, please believe me: IF YOU USE MAKEUP, REMOVE IT AT THE END OF THE DAY!

Sorry for yelling. Here are two of my favorite products to remove eye makeup… one’s pretty affordable:

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…and one super-useful (but very effective!):


This brings us to the next bad beauty habit:

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Okay, am I the only one who really likes the feeling of clean skin? I know that face wipes can be really handy: one swipe and you’ve gotten everything off, right?

Erm, NO.

While you can remove your makeup with wipes, you should really cleanse your skin afterwords. Otherwise all the not-so-great stuff, like alcohol and preservatives, just sits on your skin for aaaaaages.


It’s okay for travelling, but at home it’s really not that big of a deal to properly clean your face, is it?

True story: A friend of mine suddenly noticed that her skin was going haywire, with redness and a nasty stinging sensation. At the end it was neither her moisturizer nor the makeup, but the face wipes which caused the problem. Enough said!

Bad Beauty Habits and How to Break Them by Hey Pretty Beauty Blog

Yes, I too love peels and cleansing masks. And it’s of course super-beneficial to the skin to exfoliate regularly and gently. And that’s the keyword: «gentle»! Mechanical peels, either with a scrub or with a cleansing brush, can feel really good and give your skin an instant glow.

But you should pay attention to what you’re putting on your skin after exfoliating.

Using a product that exfoliates chemically, with ingredients like AHA- or BHA-acids, directly after a mechanical peel might just be too much for the skin.

Over-exfoliated skin is stressed skin, because it doesn’t have enough time to regenerate and rebuild its natural barrier. This can result in red, shiny skin or even weird blackheads.

So: Yes to frequent peels, but don’t overdo it. A good way to incorporate a gentle exfoliation is to cleanse your face with a clean washcloth.

I’ve been preaching it for years: Daily sunscreen is a must if you want to prevent your skin from aging prematurely!

And yes, I’m 44, so I get to say things like that! Many of us think that it’s enough to rely on the SPF that’s in our BB cream or liquid foundation. The problem with that is that we never use enough of the product to build up the SPF to its full extent.

The solution?

Apply a proper sunblock after you’ve moisturised!


Are you one of those people who complain that their makeup doesn’t last through the day? Then you should really consider using a primer!

I haven’t applied eyeshadow without using a primer first for years, but it took me a while to start using one for my face, too. But the results are pretty instantaneous:

If I use a primer, I don’t have to powder or blot my face as much during the day, my foundation applies much easier (and I use less), and my pores seem tighter.

A lot of primers contain silicone, which makes the product glide on more easily. If you don’t like the slippery feeling, or if your skin reacts to silicones, there’s a lot of great products without silicone, such as Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Monika Bluner Primer (see below) or REN Skincare’s Perfect Canvas.


I know, I KNOW. I’m also a passionate belly sleeper! But it’s a fact that wrinkles appear faster if you sleep on your stomach, especially if you (like most people) don’t have a silk pillow case!

Those who sleep on their backs, look much more relaxed in the morning.

The good news? You can train your body to sleep on your back! It’s worth a try, isn’t it? Lying on your back, try to breathe deeply so that you almost start to meditate. That way, your brain starts to associate lying on your back with relaxation.

Or you do what I do: Use tightening and plumping skincare in the mornings, to counteract the «damage» that happend during the night.

While you were sleeping, so to speak!

Have you already noticed that little image of a open jar on the label of most of your beauty products? This is an indicator on how long you can use a product after opening… but I have to admit, that I may also be guilty of not cleaning out my beauty drawer often enough.

Generally speaking: the more liquid a product contains, the faster you should use it up. Especially creams in jars, which you take out using your finger, can build up an impressive number of bacteria after a few months, even if they contain preservatives to counteract this. And beauty products (but skincare with active ingredients in particular!) really shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

Because I love you (and because I’m so talented), I made a cheat sheet on how long you can keep beauty products!

Chic, isn’t it? And so Pinterest-y…

And about powdered make-up products: I’m still using blushes and eyeshadows that I’ve had for several years! But as a last tip: If a products changes consistency or starts to smell weird, throw it away. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to lecture you on how you should never pop a pimple. Because let’s be honest, who really wants to be seen with a visible whitehead? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO.

So if you have to pop a pimple, please make sure your face is make up free and clean. Then you press a warm washcloth onto the area, to soften the pores up a bit. Even better? Take a steamy bath and wash your face a few times during it.

Then, you can GENTLY try to pop it, using your two index fingers, wrapped in a Kleenex. But remember: Don’t overdo it! If you press to hard or too long, you can really damage your skin. If the pimple won’t «give» after one or two tries, KNOCK IT OFF and back away.

And if you manage to pop it, be sure to use salicylic acid afterwards to help avoid spreading the inflammation.


This is the snowflake that turns into an avalanche. Or the grain of sand that turns into a dune… Wait.. well, you know what I mean.

Your first instinct when you spot a grey hair ist to pluck it, right. The problem with that? Each plucked out hair grows back, but not necessarily in the same direction as before. This may ruin your hairdo, no joke!

Who wants a head full of weird, sticky-out-y antennae halo hair?

But even more dramatic is, that if you pluck a hair out one time too many, the follicle, at some point, will be traumatized enough to simply stop growing hair, which means: Thinner hair for you, and maybe even visible thinning spots on your scalp.

My suggestion would be to dye your hair or maybe have some highlights done, which make grey hair appear softer. On another note, I’m looking forward to my white hair! White hair is significantly thicker than my fine hair! INSTANT OLD LADY VOLUME!

And that’s it for today’s beauty sermon.

I hope you didn’t feel caught-out too often… but if you did, you know what to do!

Have a great day and be good!

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Mi hands are also sultry

Even wearing leather gloves, most of the hands are blocked, but still can’t conceal Qianqian jade hand
Pretty hands, nice legs
Said the hand is a person’s second face! Long to look good, give people the degree of goodwill will also rise
The fingers are slender, no fat, but not too big, and the nails are short and clean
Angel Sister Yifei face has been perfect, did not think that the hand is so perfect! Goat Fat jade General transparent skin color, silky delicate skin, even the nail shape is also long and beautiful! The word “light” is definitely used to describe her hand.
This is the name of the United States by the Netizen!


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Eagle Eyebrow Correctly

eyebrow tattoo - microblading holder

1,The eyebrow shape and standard position :

eyebrow tattoo
eyebrow tattoo

Located on the edge of the eyebrow eyes, or from the inner corner of the vertical line of orbital, follow the supraorbital margin slightly curved outward a bundle of hair distribution. The eyebrows can be divided into the brow, eyebrow, eyebrow tail. The highest point of the upper edge of the eyebrows arc called .

(1): located in the brow canthus is in the alar rim and inner canthus angle line extension line. Two an eye brow spacing is approximately equal to the crack length.

(2): Mei Wei slightly oblique outward, eyebrow tail with a frown on the same level, and on the same side line extension line of nose and eye canthus.

(3): “the eyebrows is divided into three parts, 1 / 3” in Chinese and foreign junction.

(4) the growth pattern of the eyebrows eyebrows by a root hair is divided into three layers, and the interaction and overlapping. That’s the part of wide, oblique eyebrows eyebrow Wei foreign basic consistent with the outward growth below. Eyebrow waist thick eyebrows, the eyebrows down oblique, outward inclined columns in the eyebrows, the eyebrows upward sloping. The eyebrows density is 50-130 /CM2.

2, About Eyebrow Tattoo

tattoo eyebrow

(1) plane eyebrow: This is one of the most ancient art of eyebrow. The old eyebrow is a pattern to some of their love of worship (such as: reptile animal) the painted on the forehead brow, with the side to show their beautiful parrot. After improving the beautician evolved into today’s plane eyebrow. Its characteristics are: Standard eyebrow color pattern, on average, no vision to feel.

(2) (a punctate eyebrow eyebrow): This is a modified minimum damage plane eyebrow. This method only needs the eyebrow needle point drops stab the capsule and let the eyebrows can be colored, looks like the root of the eyebrows thick. This method is only suitable for itself, only good eyebrow eyebrows less or smaller.

(3) stereo eyebrow eyebrow: This is later learned from the art of painting and beautician to. The main features of its prominent lines like eyebrows, with uneven length and thickness of the hair line features a text with a needle, consistent with the trend of the direction of the eyebrows.

(4) three-dimensional simulation of eyebrow eyebrow: this method is the best method in recent years around the beautician to create an eyebrow development almost at the same time, it has been widely used in cosmetic industry. It is based on the characteristics of coffee as the foundation, combined with the principle of the optical principle and aesthetic eyebrow to simulate the color, without destroying the original eyebrow on the show eyebrow of the verve beauty and dynamic beauty. This method is not suitable for the original no eyebrows.