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Brow effect is good? The effect can be maintained?

The effect of plant plant can maintain long? Well? This is eager to improve their eyebrows lack patients asked. The Hefei Huamei hair transplant center the expert will give you a satisfactory answer.
Plant well? By plant method can thoroughly and effectively help you solve the problem of scarce eyebrows, the treatment effect is good, can be completely permanent to help you solve the problem of the scarcity of the eyebrows. Because the hair transplantation is carried out by using its own brow hair follicle transplantation, therefore postoperative without any adverse reaction.
Plant effect can be maintained? And occipital healthy hair follicle tissue removal surgery microsurgery, specially careful separation of hair follicle tissue to be transplanted after the transplant site. Hair follicle survival will grow new hair healthy, keep the original all biological characteristics of hair, no necrosis again.

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