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Broken body dynamic floating eyebrow painting

Broken body dynamic floating eyebrow painting

Broken body dynamic floating eyebrow painting

Three factors of stereoscopic floating eyebrow
1 eyebrows not redraw
That’s the part as far as possible to retain itself, the length of the eyebrows, do not use pencil appropriate description, show the natural state can be.
2 eyebrow tail cut off
Is the local eyebrow tail should be cut, fine outline beautiful shape, don’t feel too long drooping.
3 application of mascara
Next to the Department of a halo of artificial eyebrow uniform color. Thrush then use mascara more stereo.
Determine the stereoscopic floating eyebrow three points
We must first clear the brow, Mei Feng, eyebrow end position, three fixed, in order to draw the face stereo eyebrow makeup.
1 brow position

The lateral extension of the lines to find out the inner corner of the eye, nose and nasal root of two vertical lines, the midpoint of the two vertical lines and horizontal extension line of the intersection is the brow position.
2 position
1 measures: eyes open, let the eyebrow end by the nose, the other end is extended to the outside along the tangent pupil placement on the position of the eyebrows, eyebrow is. The right eyes little girl.
Methods: 2 eyes open, put the pencil vertically on the outside corner of the eye, to extend the eyebrow point is “position. For the long eyes, big eyes.
3 eyebrow tail position
With the pencil end attached to the mouth, from the outer corner of the tangent to the line, and “down the point of intersection is eyebrow end position, this interval is the two outer corner of the distance.
The first girl eyebrow again
Unplug the extra eyebrows with eyebrow tweezers, repair eyebrow shape, use scissors to cut along the direction of the eyebrows eyebrow tail long eyebrows, eyebrow tail looked at this will be shorter, more exquisite three-dimensional.
Flat eyebrow tweezers: More suitable for pulling eyebrows with edge loose thin eyebrows.

Cut eyebrow tweezers: A convenient hand, recommend pulling eyebrows on the edge. However, because is flat, thick eyebrows to pull area, easy to cause the error, do not offer the eyebrow clip. Beginners do not advocate the use of.
Eyebrow scissors: We must choose one of the scissors head upturned, when cut to be scissors tight, this knife caught eyebrows not loose, there will not be cut eyebrow length error.
Eyebrow Trimmer: Used to scrape excess eyebrows, is convenient, but my eyebrows to stay in the pores, is not detailed enough.
Tips: Don’t think of pulling eyebrows eye skin will make the skin become loose with age increase and change with muscle relaxation, no relationship with plucking, pull the eyebrows will not keep the black root in the pores, it is very helpful to the eye makeup, and pull the eyebrows to grow more slowly.
How to draw three-dimensional dynamic floating eyebrow
The practical is very simple, but need to practise, one eyebrow is thick, eyebrow after simple draw many pen broken body perfect eyebrow makeup, one eyebrow is relatively small, it is to draw many pen with mascara. To decide according to the eyebrow pencil eyebrow color black, rarely used, too dark looking a bit silly, if you Hair Coloring dyed brown, then brown eyebrow pencil, if not Hair Coloring may choose dark gray eyebrow pencil.

Step1: thrush
A frown, frown and eyebrow tail position with brown eyebrow, eyebrows with eyebrow pencil along the direction of draw eyebrow, eyebrow tail is more light, some eyebrows to gravity.
Step2: eyebrow comb
With the eyebrow brush dipped into the eyebrow gently draw eyebrow, frown on part of the use of color should not be too deep. With the eyebrow brush slightly along the growth direction of the eyebrows, the eyebrows tidy.
Step3: Mascara
Use mascara along the growth direction of the eyebrows, eyebrows eyebrow smear from the bottom up. Is still along the growth direction of the eyebrows, eyebrows with all smear mascara.
Step4: broken body skills
The depression with Biying brush brow in the brow under the shadow of the building, a more three-dimensional brow. With a finger dipped in Concealer gently in the eyes below, masking pores and dull. Use eye shadow brush dipped into the high light smear frown below, let eyebrow look more three-dimensional.

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