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Is the blue sea a legend? I’m the legend.

Although the legend of the Blue Sea plot (double time and energy set) very wonderful, and interesting new play “lonely and Brilliant God-ghosts” to rob Memory, but Flynn or obediently to the new two set download to the mobile phone read and see! The reason is not Lee (of course, thin back obadhai very handsome), just because June too beautiful, and thin and white, even girls can not help her charm (beautiful)!

Postpartum comeback June No “mother phase”, or fashionable and beautiful maiden! Not only the figure is completely not out of shape, Flynn feel more thin than before the pregnancy has, no wonder from the garbage cans to pick out the clothes are wearing so beautiful! (Of course it’s all big)

June was still full when he was pregnant.

Two months postpartum thin to be thinner than before not pregnant!
Postpartum speed change mermaid figure do it!

June revealed that she has her own sports plans, every week Three days to do running aerobics, and other interspersed three days of plastic movement, the Special Private teaching guide. June before the private fitness trainer called Yun Guanqiu, lake rumors all the goddess in the star of your body is in her build, and later, many stars to find her training. Even in the end, it attracted the president of South Korea. Yes, now the June former personal trainer has been dug away by South Korea’s main Taiwan Park, where she is an executive in the blue tile, and is accompanied by a visit every time she goes abroad. It seems that whether it is June or thousand song Yi, thin body to rely on the legs. There is also a point: the star postpartum thin body is really not rely on talent, also rely on perseverance Ah!

But no time to exercise? Take care of the baby! So, Flynn tell you one side of the exercise side with the baby interaction good method, should not learn to see if you want to thin!

1: Stretched back flat on the yoga mat, hands holding the baby and then repeatedly raised the fall, notice that the arm parallel to the ground at the side of the body, while the legs together up to tighten up the core muscles, repeated 10 times.

2: Put the baby on the yoga mat, hands on both sides in a flat-supported posture start. Then turn around and repeat the elbow straight, repeat 20 (the more the better).

3: The baby is still placed on the yoga mat, kneeling right hand, left leg outward straight and then tighten the abdomen to the inside, each side repeat 20 times for the better.

4: Put the baby in front of the chest and hold, the legs wide apart from the toe of the knee outward, and then squat to the lowest point, repeat 10-30 times.

5: The same baby placed in front of the chest, and then left and right to squat down, knees, legs 90 degrees, repeat 20 times.

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