Why, eyebrow can make people more vivid

In fact, in addition to the human face, eyes full of charm, the most vivid to the number is this pair of magical eyebrow. There is a close relationship between the eyebrows and the appearance of beauty and emotion, so eyebrows naturally become an important part of people modified face.
eyebrow tattoo
Eyebrow is inherited all the advantages of the tattoo, all the needle into inclined pin, forming hand prick effect. Can some machine aided in addition, and the pigment eyebrow using pigment paste, strong adhesive, pigment is easy with the needle into the skin, it is easy to color. As the hand tattoo of technological innovation projects, he is much more rapid than the hand tattoo, coloring and produce more change, but he is very difficult to Handmade, like a tattoo machine as easy to grasp and produce the effect of three-dimensional fine. But as a new project, eyebrow embroidery has its unique charm and mystery. The method is to use a 8-12 like embroidery, needle needle, piercing the skin deep 0.2-0.3mm, with tattoos method of embroider eyebrow shape, and then injected into the subcutaneous tissue of 0.2 0.3CM pigment pigment skin, long do not fade, to achieve the purpose of beauty. Most scientists, repeated design, single line lets the price to enter the bottleneck, the traditional practice palliatives, give yourself 7 days to change, Asian tattoo embroidered reticulate to help you quickly improve occupation aesthetics.

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